Wastewater Filtration Systems

More than 300 LiqTech filtration systems are in operation worldwide

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LiqTech offers wastewater treatment solutions for several industries. We provide end-to-end service with complete in-house engineering capabilities for you to be compliant today - prepared for the future.

  1. Oil And Gas Water Treatment

    Oil & Gas Produced Water

  2. Marine Scrubber Water Treatment System

    Marine Scrubber

  3. Public Pool Filtration System

    Commercial Pool Filtration System

  4. Heavy Metal Removal Mining Filtration

    Heavy Metal Removal - Mining

  5. Acid Filtration System

    Acid Filtration

  6. Worldwide Testing With Liqtech Pilot Unit

    Pilot Unit - Wordwide Testing

  7. Customized Filtration System

    Customized Solutions