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Extend well lifetime and meet the environmental standards and requirements with durable oil and gas filtration systems.

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Proven Membrane Oil Filtration Systems

It demands advanced and durable water treatment systems to obtain compliance in the oil and gas industry as the wells mature and the water cut increases. Furthermore, more stringent environmental standards appear, and it becomes challenging to discharge or use the water for re-injection.

LiqTech has a proven membrane oil filtration system providing unmatched treated water quality. Typical objectives of the oil and gas industry are tertiary treatment to facilitate re-injection and to meet current and future legislation.

The LiqTech oil and gas filtration systems offer guaranteed filtration performance under challenging conditions. Typical operating performance is treated water with TSS and OiW concentrations well below 5 mg/L and efficient removal of particles larger than 0.1 micron.  

The core technology of the oil filtration system is the LiqTech patented silicon carbide (SiC) ceramic membrane technology. A very robust material with a high filtration efficiency compared to conventional filters and alternative membrane materials.

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Operational and Financial Benefits of the LiqTech Oil Filtration System

With a LiqTech oil and gas filtration system, you will be compliant with the tightest regulations and restrictions in the field. Several operational and financial advantages can be achieved with the LiqTech solution:

  • Maintain stable oil reservoir permeability
  • Extended well lifetime – produce more oil
  • Avoid reservoir pressure increase - reduce energy consumption
  • Protect high CAPEX equipment
  • Bacteria removal for H2S reduction
  • Higher filtration efficiency than conventional technologies

With the oil filtration system treating produced water, it is possible to re-inject the water into the reservoir and thereby reduce both waste handling and the requirement of suitable injection water. Furthermore, it is possible to discharge the filtrated water into the sea or onshore environment and still comply with the strict environmental requirements. It is also possible to reuse water for irrigation purposes or further desalinate the produced water.

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

Features and Benefits of Oil Filtration Systems

  • Consistent removal of oil and suspended solids
  • Robust produced water filtration equipment
  • Accepts a wide range of influent oil and solid content
  • Highest flux rates for any membrane technology on the market
  • Meet new environmental regulations

What can oil filtration be used for?

Suitable applications for the LiqTech system

  • Produced water
  • - Surface discharge
  • - Re-injection
  • - Reuse for other purposes
  • MEG recovery
  • Injection water

Unique Properties - Unique Results

  1. Treatment Of Emulsified Produced Water Off Shore Scandinavia
  2. Produced Water For Reuse (Onshore) Liqtech
  3. Produced Water For Re Injection Liqtech
  4. Tailings SAGD Liqtech

Oil and Gas Filtration Systems with SiC Ceramic Membranes

LiqTech oil and gas filtration systems for tertiary treatment of produced water are equipped with state-of-the-art silicon carbide ceramic membranes, which deliver unique advantages.

Silicon carbide has the property of being hydrophilic, which makes it possible to obtain higher water fluxes than any other membrane material. Continuous process flux for oil and water separation is recorded between 100-1,000 L/(m²h). It is possible to remove oil and TSS below 1 ppm at very high flux rates. 

Silicon carbide is the second hardest material globally, with a high level of robustness and durability. These material properties result in very robust processes - during filtration mode and during necessary cleaning sequences in the gas and oil filtration. The unique advantages of the silicon carbide membrane also include: 

  • Reduced fouling and thereby reduced downtime
  • Chemically inert pH 0-14
  • Thermally resistant up to 800 °C
  • Low power usage and low pressure
  • Long lifetime
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Solvents: Completely stable
  • Oxidizers: Any concentration
  • Permeability: Highest for any membrane material
  • Particle removal above 0.1 µm
  • TSS less than 1 ppm
  • OiW under 1 ppm
  • 99.99% bacteria removal
  • Increase the lifetime and efficiency of your RO-system

The LiqTech silicon carbide membranes deliver unmatched performance in oil filtration systems compared to conventional technologies used in the industry.

Our SiC Technology
Liqtech Containerized Water Treatmemt System

Custom Designed Oil Filtration System

LiqTech offers custom designed oil and gas filtration systems for handling oily wastewater. We possess the essential capabilities in-house, from design and development to production and installation. The most significant operational advantages of our custom designed oil and gas filtration systems include:

  • Environmentally compatible solution - small footprint especially advantageous for the offshore environment.
  • Design based on your challenges.
  • Suitable applications that accommodate your demands.

At LiqTech, we have more than two decades of experience in the water treatment industry, with more than 300+ filtration systems installed worldwide. Our in-house specifications, design, fabrication, and programming capabilities make our turnkey systems unique and ensure you the best performance.

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