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1 years of experience in the filtration industry
1999980 large vehicles retrofitted with our Diesel Particulate Filters
280 water treatment systems installed worldwide


Data as of Nov 23, 2020 12:00 AM EST

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LiqTech was born from a vision that technology companies with the right products and management could deliver sustainable profits and growth.

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LiqTech is listed on Nasdaq with symbol: LIQT.

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Clean Water Provided By Liqtech

What we do - LiqTech the best solution

Over two decades ago, LiqTech was founded out of the need for new technologies to meet the ever-increasing demands for cleaner air and cleaner water.

Today, LiqTech is a Nasdaq listed company headquartered in Denmark which for the last 20 years has been at the leading edge in developing and marketing its own proprietary products to the environmental industry.

At its core, the ability to manipulate Silicon Carbide (SiC) – one the most durable of man-made materials – which has allowed it to make a high value, high-performance product for liquid and gas filtration products.

We are a leading international player when it comes to removing oil, pathogens, and heavy metals from water. We want to take an active role in reducing world pollution.

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Improving our future

We believe it is our responsibility as a company and as a people to take strides in reducing global pollution.

Sune Mathiesen

Sune Mathiesen

Group CEO, LiqTech

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