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Service 24/7 - anywhere in the world with highly skilled engineers.

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Worldwide Filtration Service

We want satisfied customers, and therefore service is an important part of LiqTech.

A LiqTech system is an investment, and that makes it vital that everything works as promised. Our team of highly skilled and dedicated service engineers can resolve any water treatment system problem you may have. With our extensive experience collaborating with different industries, your water treatment solution will be fully supported by experts, meet your specific system needs, and meet or exceed compliance requirements.

  • Highly skilled engineers
  • 24-7 service
  • Preventive maintenance

Service & Commissioning

Highly skilled engineers based on two decades of experience.

LiqTech will support your system for as long as needed. We support you by:

  • Providing technical support to customers, who will enjoy in-depth, expert assistance from our highly qualified team of service engineers during the entire process.
  • Providing live demonstrations and in-house training.
  • Performing pre-shipment FAT on every system, ensuring every delivered system works according to specifications.
  • Providing on-site system commissioning for every system.
  • Continuously upgrading our control module operating system and providing our customers with these upgrades, ensuring the best possible operational performance.
  • Providing 24-7 support so that you can have complete confidence in your LiqTech system. The team is always ready to assist through remote service and support on system installation, commissioning, system status, and preventative maintenance.
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Spare Parts

Spare parts directly to your water treatment.

LiqTech supplies spare parts to all our water treatment solutions throughout the entire system lifetime. 

We use superior quality spare parts tested on our system to ensure minimal downtime and a long lifetime on the installed water treatment solutions. Using spare parts supplied by LiqTech, you can ensure that the correct part is installed and tested correctly and that your system is operating efficiently.

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In case something happens...

We are always committed to delivery our water treatment systems tested and without any problems.

If you have any problems with pumps, valves, etc., we are always ready to help you and make sure you get the correct spare parts as soon as possible.

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