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At LiqTech, we are looking for ambitious distributors to sell our commercial pool systems based on ceramic membrane technology.

LiqTech's advanced membrane filtration systems help to ensure high water quality and efficient and reliable operation. We offer best-in-class commercial pool filtration systems for commercial pools worldwide. 

The LiqTech pool system reduces chlorine consumption, thereby creating a healthier environment in the pool area. With a LiqTech system, you can guarantee your customers safe, clean, and clear water. 

As a partner, LiqTech helps your customers to free up resources so they can run a profitable and sustainable business. Of us you can expect that we support you all the way to bring LiqTech ceramic pool filtration to your markets. Furthermore, you can expect proper training in the LiqTech solution, marketing material, sales support, and much more.

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The space saving design uses substantially less footprint, which is ideal when you have narrow access like we did or a plantroom with minimal room.

Nick Yannakis

Powell Fenwick Technical Director

Benefits & Advantages

System Benefits

  • Remote control and monitoring
    Due to: Fully automated system and automatic status update
  • Flexible installation
    Due to: Modular system design and being among the smallest systems on the market
  • Easy capacity upgrade
    Due to: Modular system design
  • Simple optimization of operation patterns
    Due to: Automatic, pre-planned cleaning-in-place (CIP)
  • Very limited spare parts storage
    Due to: Robust system
  • Smooth operation
    Due to: Robust system
  • Low total cost of ownership
    Due to: Membranes made of the world's second-hardest material
  • Premium water quality
    Due to: Efficient backwash, mechanical barrier, and efficient SiC membrane filtration
  • Competitive advantages
    Due to: Efficient SiC membrane filtration, mechanical barrier, efficient backwash, and High Flux

System Advantages

  • 50% less water consumption for backwash
    Due to: Efficient backwash
  • 40% lower THM
    Due to: Efficient backwash
  • 99% removal of microorganisms
    Due to: Mechanical barrier
  • 15-30% reduced need for chlorine (compared to conventional filters)
    Due to: Efficient SiC membrane filtration
  • No flocculation is needed
    Due to: Effective SiC membrane filtration
  • Automatic backwash dependent on TMP
  • Lower flow at night
    Due to: Automated night mode
  • Automated notification if issues occur
    Due to: Automatic status update
  • Remote troubleshooting
    Due to: Remote system monitoring
  • At least 50% reduced footprint
    Due to: Small footprint - between 1.9-3.8 m2
  • Flexible installation and easy capacity upgrades
    Due to: Modular system
  • Customized cleaning schedules
    Due to: Pre-planned cleaning-in-place (CIP)
  • Minimal maintenance
    Due to: Robust system and membrane robustness
  • Longterm performance
    Due to: Membrane made of the world's hardest manmade material
  • Excellent and consistent water quality with low pressure
    Due to: High flux
Poolfiltration Dual

Maximum Capacity in Minimum Space

LiqTech designs and builds small-footprint commercial pool filtration systems. Based on more than 20 years of experience in the filtration industry, we have developed a superior and cost-effective industrial pool filter that uses at least 50% less footprint than conventional pool filters. In addition, you can offer customers lower construction costs and easy capacity upgrades.

System size:

  • Commercial spa (24-72 m3/h): 1.9 m2 footprint
  • Teaching pool (96-114 m3/h): 2.8 m2 footprint
  • Traditional public pool (168-216 m3/h): 3.8 m2 footprint
  • Diving pool (240-288 m3/h): 4.7 m2 footprint

The LiqTech filtration solution for commercial pools reduces the need for chlorine. It delivers high-quality water while reducing energy and water consumption due to low-pressure operation and the market-proven silicon carbide ceramic membrane filters.

It is a highly flexible pool filtration system, allowing all process connections to be installed from either side. Moreover, it is a modular system to which additional housings can be added after installation for further capacity upgrades.

All this makes it perfect for both new-build and retrofit installation, with significant savings on space and on-site installation. 

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CO2 Saving System

With a LiqTeh Ceramic Pool Filtration System, your customers can reach significant power saving in terms of kWh, money, and the number of tonnes of CO2, compared to a traditional sand filter.

In a new report made on behalf of LiqTech and our distributor, the following consumption and costs of circulating water are estimated based on current electricity tariffs in terms of cost and carbon equivalent.

The payback time on the system can be less than 3 years.


Recive the full report here. 

Annual kWh Annual cost (€) Annual tonnes CO2
Sand Filter 77,614 23,938 15.0
LiqTech System 30,778 10,009 5.9

Distributor Onboarding Process

As a distributor at LiqTech, we strive to give you all the information and support you need to succeed in selling commercial pool filtration systems. Your success is our success!

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Who is LiqTech?

LiqTech is “first mover” in membrane filtration for commercial pool systems, and we want to expand to the rest of the world. We are a highly specialized business based on more than 20 years of experience. Sharply focused on the industries where we believe our technology and application expertise can make the greatest difference. Flexible setup to deliver to your customers' special needs – wherever you are. 

The commercial pool is one of our established segments in which we have worked for many years to design a revolutionary product to create the most possible value for the end customer.

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