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Small-Footprint Commercial Pool Filter Provides Absolute 3-Micron Filtration

With public swimming pools considered a core council business and valuable community asset, facilities like Pioneer Recreation and Sport Centre in New Zealand rely on new technologies to cut operational costs while helping people stay fit and water safe.

With Waterco, one of our pool distributors, Pioneer upgraded its commercial pool filtration equipment with a system that provides ultra-fine filtration and reduces expenses associated with backwash, electricity, chemicals, and maintenance.

When media filtration is not an option due to spacial limitations, or where ultra-fine filtration is absolutely required, LiqTech offers innovative stand-alone or complete turnkey commercial pool filters based on high-quality silicon carbide (SiC) ceramic filters providing high efficiency and reduced life cycle costs,” says Waterco commercial and water treatment specialist, Andy Gale.

LiqTech’s modern ceramic filter technology also provides absolute 3-micron filtration, meeting today’s end-user demands and providing current and future compliance with environmental regulations. Compared to other UF systems, the ceramic membrane filtration is absolute – there are no doubts about what may pass through, and they are far easier to operate.

Ceramic membranes deliver a much more thorough filtration process that removes bacteria, pathogens, and viruses,” he explains. “This ultimately delivers cleaner water and a safer pool and spa environment. They’re also made of some of the hardest materials in the world, resulting in a highly durable and long-lasting product.

Pool Filtration System
Pool Filtration System Overview
LiqTech’s commercial pool filters are highly flexible, which additional housings can be added after installation.

Save Water & Space

Upgraded with the latest software and valves for increased reliability, LiqTech offers a compact commercial swimming pool filtration system with the smallest footprint on the market — taking up to 65 percent less valuable real estate in plant rooms. As Gale explains, LiqTech’s commercial pool filters are highly flexible.

The ‘ambidextrous’ design allows all process connections to be installed from either side,” he explains. “Moreover, it is a modular system to which additional housings can be added after installation.

The significantly reduced skid footprint with up to 75m3/ hour per 1.5m2 filtration capacity fits through a standard doorway and can be made even smaller if required.

LiqTech’s SiC membrane technology has a dead-end design, ensuring no contaminated water passes through the filter. The pore size of the membrane walls allows water to pass through while retaining impurities. Dirty water in, clean water out. It’s that simple.

All this makes it perfect for both new-build and retrofit installation with significant savings on space and onsite installation costs,” he says. “For Pioneer, installing LiqTech eradicated the need to rebuild an entirely new plant room due to existing space restrictions.

Liqtech Pool Water Treatment Installation
“The space saving design uses substantially less footprint, which is ideal when you have narrow access like we did or a plantroom with minimal room.” Says Nick Yannakis, Powell Fenwick Technical Director.

Complete Turnkey System

Powell Fenwick Technical Director Nick Yannakis says specifying LiqTech made sense for several reasons.

This system produces very high-water quality without ongoing, labor-intensive maintenance,” he explains. “LiqTech’s ceramic membrane filter technology also eliminates health and safety concerns when handling hazardous materials associated with other forms of filter media. And while there may be a high capital cost, low operational costs soon offset this.” Rob Hough, Mechanical Estimator for Hanlon Plumbing & Pipe Services, agrees with Yannakis’ description of LiqTech’s low fuss design.

“For example, unlike sand filtration, LiqTech is an all-in-one, complete turnkey system, making it simple to install and service,” he says. “The space-saving design uses substantially less footprint, ideal when you have narrow access like we did or a plant room with minimal room.

Pool Filtration System For Clean Water
The upgraded commercial pool filtration equipment not only provides ultra-fine filtration for a safer pool and spa environment, but also reduces expenses associated with backwash, electricity, chemicals, and maintenance.

A Water Smart, Cost-Effective Solution

Not only is the LiqTech pool filtration system easy to clean, but it also uses less water for cleaning. In fact, water consumption for backwash can be reduced by 70 percent.

All things considered, LiqTech’s commercial pool filtration system requires minimum effort to operate and maintain due to automated processes,” Gale explains. “The continuous real-time data accuracy and lowered water consumption ensure a precise and cost-effective solution.

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