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Industrial Water Treatment

Industrial wastewater is one of the largest sources of aquatic pollution. Simultaneously, it endangers surrounding environments and ecosystems. To make wrong right, more and more global and local environmental regulations and standards appear. Do you want to comply with your local wastewater discharge limits?

LiqTech is a global industrial water treatment supplier that provides pioneering water filtration solutions that comply with even the most stringent regulations and standards. We provide industrial water treatment systems for future compliance and sustainable production.

Industrial water treatment units accommodate complex separation and purification demands. Industrial water processes can be complicated to filter; Still, if filtrated thoroughly, water and wastewater can be cleaned to such an extent that it can be reused. However, water and wastewater streams often present some significant filtration challenges before they can be reused for other purposes or released into the environment without any environmental harm being done.

With more than 20 years of experience filtering various types of liquids in LiqTech, we are experts in advanced membrane filtration technology in the heavy industry. Our industrial liquid filtrations solutions are based on our state-of-the-art ceramic membrane technology combined with experienced system engineering, which can remove the harmful matter from industrial water and wastewater, including:

  • Solids

  • Oil

  • Grease

  • Germs

  • Heavy metals

  • And much more

As the world is short on clean water, we must care about what we have. LiqTech’s industrial wastewater treatment system is a compliant and sustainable solution that can help close the severe water scarcity gap by enabling water reuse. 

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Proven Record

1 years of experience in the filtration industry
280 water treatment systems installed worldwide

Durable and Reliable Wastewater Treatment Systems

LiqTech is a pioneering industrial wastewater treatment supplier. We have more than 20 years of experience filtrating various types of wastewater and sludge. Our industrial wastewater treatment solutions are based on our state-of-the-art ceramic membrane technology. We provide a wide range of market-proven wastewater treatment systems perfect for all major industries.

LiqTech’s wastewater treatment systems are made of solid materials to ensure a long life in even the harshest environments. Our systems are made of solid materials to ensure that the industrial water treatment plant can run efficiently and withstand the heavy-handed treatment. Our systems are designed as compact solutions, requiring a minimum footprint, allowing you to optimize your capacity to the fullest. Simultaneously, it is designed as a simple solution that is both easy to operate and maintain.

Our turnkey industrial water cleaning systems are used in various major industries worldwide, including mining, power plants, oil and gas, chemicals, general industrial applications, etc. Our industrial wastewater treatment systems are customized according to your requirements and ensure future compliance and sustainable production. It is a reliable and efficient solution, which goes on and on to streamline your industrial water treatment operation.

Industrial Water Cleaning Experts

At LiqTech, we have in-house capabilities for even the most challenging industrial water treatment requirements. Our highly skilled engineers and process specialists are always ready to assist you with recommendations on how your operation can benefit from having a membrane technology industrial water treatment system and how to customize it to match your specific process and desired water quality level. You should think of LiqTech more as a partner than a supplier. 

We have turnkey customized turnkey industrial water cleaning solutions to several international companies and industry leaders, known for their high standards and requirements for long-lasting, durable, and efficient production machinery. As we have worked with various industries, we know how to treat even the most complex types of wastewater and sludge.

Unique Membrane Water Filtration

Wastewater Filtration Technology

We have thoroughly refined our wastewater treatment technology based on more than two decades of research and development. Our filtration systems are based on our unique, patented membrane technology, enabling water reuse and reclamation. Our ceramic membranes are made of the durable material silicon carbide (SiC), which contributes to reduced energy consumption, high flux, mechanical strength, chemical resistance, and low fouling tendency. This ensures a robust, efficient, and long-lasting filtration process. Moreover, our water treatment units represent a compact solution, ensuring that water treatment operators can optimize their capacity in a small footprint.

LiqTech’s filtration applications can be made as customized solutions to match your specific filtration targets. Additionally, it is always easy to increase the filtration capacity to match ever-changing demands.

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Liqtech Containerized Water Treatmemt System

Pilot Unit

Do you need on-site industrial water treatment testing?

LiqTech offers standardized and customized pilot units for on-site testing of our industrial water treatment systems. We have several pilot units for on-site testing so you can determine process flux and permeate quality for your wastewater treatment system.

You can try out our durable and efficient industrial water treatment solution by conducting on-site tests, allowing you to experience how membrane technology can optimize your specific operation. Moreover, on-site testing makes upscaling easy and reliable.

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Customized Filtration System

Customized Filtration Solutions

Not two industrial water treatment applications are the same. If you need a customized wastewater treatment system, we are ready to assist you.

Industrial water treatment can be complex and demand customized solutions to remove all solids and harmful matter to reach the desired water quality.

At LiqTech, we make turnkey customized systems that are tailored to your industrial water treatment requirements. We have in-house capabilities in specifications, design, fabrication, programming, process, and chemistry. This enables us to be your trusted partner throughout the process, from development to commissioning and after-service. Our systems are unique and ensure the best efficiency as they are made to match your specific operation.

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