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Pool Filtration System

Superior Water Quality In Therapy Pool

The Case

The therapy pool of the Marselisborg Center was built in 1999, but due to challenges with the water quality and extensive consumption of water, they were looking for a better water treatment solution.

Pool Filtration System Solution

The system from LiqTech delivers a stable superior water quality, which gives me peace of mind. With the monitoring system, I can read out all the data needed, from wherever I may stay.

Benny Kroman

Operation Manager, Marselisborg Center

Marselisborg Pool Filtration Liqtech

The Solution

The Marselisborg Center therapy pool was originally equipped with a sand filter system; however, the water quality was not quite satisfying. Several other filter solutions were tested, still without providing the desired result.

The Solution was a high-tech water treatment system from LiqTech, featuring microfiltration membranes. It was chosen based on its ability to provide the best water quality and smallest footprint for pool systems. The LiqTech system also saved vast amounts of water used for backwashing the system, while running flawlessly and reliably.

Today the microfiltration systems run smoothly in the Marselisborg Center, providing superior water quality, giving remarkable savings on backwash, electricity, chemicals, and maintenance.

LiqTech has delivered and installed an exceptional water treatment system that performs as promised. With the achieved savings the payback time is only three years.

Jan S. Johansen

Manager, Marselisborg Center

LiqTech System Design

Materials and Components

Our membrane systems are standardized and built-in either corrosion-resistant stainless steel (SS316L) or plastic (PP). High-quality pumps, valves, and sensors are used to ensure operational stability and longevity. Construction materials and seals are selected depending on the water composition and end-user requirements. LiqTech also offers customized solutions such as containerized units.

Modular Systems

The LiqTech membrane system is based on standardized membrane modules. This facilitates the option of expanding the system with additional membrane modules to further increase the capacity if necessary. LiqTech offers systems for water in a flow range as low as 0.5 m³/h (2 GPM) and up to more than 1000 m/h (4,400 GPM). These units are designed and manufactured with the objective of easy maintenance and an efficient and compact footprint.

Cleaning tools

The membrane systems are all built with automatic backwash. Automatic CIP (cleaning in place) is optional but recommended.


The heart of the system is based on LiqTech's patented SiC ceramic membranes. These membranes are extremely robust, tolerate high temperatures, aggressive cleaning, and have a long lifetime. The SiC membranes are available with pore sizes in the microfiltration (MF) spectrum and the ultrafiltration (UF) spectrum as well, serving a wide range of applications.


The systems are fully automated and may be remotely monitored and controlled.

LiqTech Installation

Marselisborg Pool
  • 1 therapy pool and 1 spa pool
  • Temperature is 34º C / 93º F
  • Turnover of 100 m³/h / 441 GPM
  • Used by approx 3000 people per month, mostly by people with impaired immune systems and children which require a stable, superior water quality.
  • Liqtech MF04 system, dead-end
  • UV filter
  • Remote management control system

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