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Phosphoric Acid Filtration

Revolutionizing Phosphoric Acid Filtration: Unleashing the Power of Silicon Carbide Membranes

As a producer of high-grade phosphoric acids you face significant challenges as striving to purify your product to meet strict requirements in the food, pharma, and lithium-iron-phosphate battery industries. Envision a scenario where your purification plant receive merchant grade acid and find yourself engaged in an ongoing effort to enhance its quality for use in valuable applications like food additives, medical products, and electric vehicle batteries. The acid's quality varies from batch to batch, presenting the need to meticulously eliminate hazardous compounds such as arsenic and sulphur. We know that overcoming the task of precipitating these dissolved substances is just the beginning of your difficulties.

Conventional filtration technologies prove to be insufficient in this challenging environment, leading plants to heavily rely on filter aids. However, this desperate measure brings about a series of subsequent issues. Filter presses experience malfunctions, instrument reliability decreases, and most notably, remnants of the filter aids, such as silica and carbon powder, contaminate the acid, resulting in a lower quality end product. The consequences are significant: costly downtime lasting for days each month and a plant that constantly grapples with filter cleaning and equipment maintenance, causing delays. 

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Major Food Grade Phosphoric Acid Producer in the USA

The major food-grade phosphoric acid producer experienced challenges in their current purification process.

The phosphoric acid feed quality varied from batch to batch, and they had to remove arsenic from the acid. They did this with a combo of coagulation and filtration via leaf filters and filter aid (silica). The challenge was that the leaf filters were blocked very often, requiring much maintenance and downtime. Still, the main issue was that the remaining silica contaminated the rest of the plant, worn out instrumentation, clogged the filter presses, etc.

They contacted LiqTech to deliver an alternative filtration solution, easing the operation. And by introducing LiqTech PurePhos in the beginning of their process, they have seen remarkable results after 1 year of operation:

  • ~ 143,000 tons of phosphoric acid treated yearly (capacity)
  • +20 mio USD savings/year
  • Removal of silica and other suspended solids, creating a better end-product
  • Stable operation of the plant instead of firefighting
Phosphoric Acid Filtration

Say Goodbye to Downtime

Experience the unparalleled efficiency of PurePhos, a cutting-edge phosphoric acid purification solution that operates tirelessly, 24/7/365. Designed to streamline your production process, the LiqTech PurePhos solution offers a cost-effective approach to purifying phosphoric acid while providing seamless scalability.

Our system is ingeniously constructed with modular skids, allowing for easy customization based on your desired flow rate. Each skid operates independently, ensuring operational redundancy even during cleaning or unexpected challenges. With PurePhos, you can bid farewell to operational downtime. 

Embracing automation, our advanced purification system enables you to schedule and automate the cleaning process, significantly reducing manual labor and maintenance requirements. Say goodbye to tedious manual operations and embrace a streamlined workflow. 

Additionally, the compact footprint of our modular system grants you the flexibility to expand your production effortlessly. By simply adding more skids to the existing solution, you can readily upscale your output to meet growing demands. 

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Unveiling the Power of Silicon Carbide Membranes: The Secret Sauce

At the core of the PurePhos system lies our revolutionary technology: Silicon Carbide (SiC) membranes, crafted from the toughest man-made material in the world.

With LiqTech's Silicon Carbide membranes, you will witness a paradigm shift in maintenance requirements, thanks to their extraordinary durability. These remarkable membranes excel even in highly concentrated acid environments, ensuring long-lasting performance with minimal upkeep.  

Gone are the days of conventional filtration techniques that struggle to effectively clean the acid or succumb to a multitude of operational issues, causing frustrating downtime. Our team of engineers has meticulously engineered a unique synergy between the right membranes and an innovative system design. 

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Let's Test Together

We believe in our advanced membrane filtration system and we want you to do so, too.

Are you interested in knowing how our membranes and system operate with your acid? We offer three steps to help you decide which system you need:

1. Permeate Quality Unit: A small test/lab unit that can be used to determine if our membranes can provide the required permeate quality. 

2. Pilot Unit: An approximate 1 m3/hr unit with the actual full-scale design to test for long-term operation. The pilot provides us with knowledge about how to automate the full-scale system.

3. Full-Scale system: We have a proven design that treats Phosphoric Acid. The system is fully automatic and easily integrates with any SCADA/DCS. 

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