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A very robust and efficient heavy metal removal solution for the most extreme conditions

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Heavy Metal Removal for Mining Wastewater Treatment

With more stringent environmental regulations on mining wastewater treatment and heavy metal removal, it becomes complex for mining operators to operate compliantly and sustainably. But with the proper mining water treatment process, you can remove heavy metals in the wastewater to secure compliance with the most stringent environmental requirements. The water can be recycled for optimum water management.

As a mining operator or smelter, we are sure you will recognize the significant challenges with the current massive focus on sustainable and viable solutions concerning heavy metals in mining wastewater and water consumption. The highly water-intensive operations requiring large volumes of water to operate efficiently are seen as an environmental problem taking water scarcity into account. Simultaneously, the mining operation generates pollutant wastewater streams that cause environmental pollution. These wastewater streams often contain harmful organic compounds, heavy metals, metals, and metalloids. Previously, these mining wastewater streams were usually discharged uncontrolled into oceans, lakes, and rivers without any treatment, leading to contamination of ecosystems.

More strict discharge limits in heavy metals appear to accommodate the massive problem, and more are expected to come. Still, it can be difficult for you as a mining operator to meet the strict discharge limits and environmental regulations on heavy metals in mining wastewater.

With LiqTech membrane ultrafiltration for mining wastewater, you can comply with the most stringent environmental requirements. We provide efficient and reliable mining water filtration systems to minimize your environmental footprint.

A LiqTech system provides you with:

  • Removal of heavy metals from wastewater
  • Corrosive-resistant system
  • The possibility of recovering and recycling of water
  • Compliance with the most stringent environmental requirements
  • Low operational cost
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Features & Benefits

LiqTech System Benefits

Market-proven mining wastewater treatment solution for extreme conditions

  • Removal of heavy metals from wastewater
  • Future-proof solution
  • Robust & efficient solution
  • Small footprint
  • Modular system design
  • Corrosive-resistant system
  • Compliance with the most stringent environmental requirements
  • Recover & recycle water
  • Reduce waste processing costs
  • Reduce treatment costs
  • Ensure quality water for discharge or reuse
  • Our systems use low energy and save money
    Usually between 0.5-1 bar or 7-14 psi, depending on the feed

Silicon Carbide Membrane Benefits

Silicon carbide membranes with unique advantages

  • Highest flux for any membrane material
    With 2-3x the flux of other ceramics and up to 10x polymeric
  • Chemically inert pH 0-14
  • Thermally resistant up to 800°C
  • Hydrophilic material (water-loving)
  • Extremely hard & durable material 2930 +/- 80 kgf/mm³ (Vickers scale)
  • Abrasive Feeds
  • Low power usage and low pressure
  • Long membrane life
  • Low operational cost, low total cost of ownership


Examine our previous projects on mining water filtration systems.

  1. Heavy Metal Removal Case

The Most Durable Mining Water Filtration System

Removing heavy metals from the mining discharge is an important job, as being exposed to high amounts of heavy metals can cause serious health effects for humans and living organisms.

Ceramic Membranes For Mining Wastewater Treatment

The heavy metal removal process through mining wastewater treatment includes many different methods, some more efficient than others. Membrane filtration is one of the absolute best mining wastewater filtration solutions. Membrane filtration has received extensive attention for efficiently removing suspended solids, organic compounds, and inorganic contaminants such as heavy metals in mining waste streams. The LiqTech silicon carbide (SiC) ceramic membranes are ideal for mining wastewater treatment, as they are extremely robust and durable, contributing to thermal and chemical strength, making them perfect for the harsh mining environment. Furthermore, the SiC membranes deliver the highest flux for any membrane material.

Ceramic membranes contribute to low energy consumption, capacity, and a small footprint. The mining water filtration system employing ceramic membranes does not demand high chemical amounts to enhance heavy metal removal performance and has low fouling. Learn more about membrane filtration for heavy metal removal.

We offer an extended warranty on our durable ceramic silicon carbide membranes. The mining water filtration system is corrosive resistant; it is very robust and efficient for the extreme mining environment.

Optimize Your Water Management by Water Recycling

Most mining operations are highly water-intensive as they demand large quantities of water to operate efficiently. At the same time, they generate pollutant wastewater streams. With the correct mining water treatment process, you can filtrate your wastewater to such an extent that it can be recycled.

The innovative mining wastewater filtration systems from Liqtech are designed to help mining companies recover and recycle water.

Once you manage your wastewater most efficiently, you can significantly reduce your costs due to lowered water consumption and waste processing costs. Simultaneously, you reduce dependency on freshwater supplies due to your self-sufficient water supply.

Mining wastewater treatment and recycling allows you to operate more sustainably by actively protecting scarce water resources for a more sustainable future.

With a LiqTech mining water filtration system, we can guarantee continuous access to high-quality water for operators to maintain profitability and ensure environmental compliance with mining wastewater treatment regulations.

Customized Mining Wastewater Treatment System to Match Your Needs

Mining water treatment processes can vary significantly from the operation, both in the required capacity and mining wastewater content and desired quality. Therefore, LiqTech develops unique, customized mining water filtration systems matching your specific needs.

At LiqTech, we have more than two decades of experience developing, designing, and manufacturing unique mining wastewater treatment solutions. We have helped various international companies and industry leaders worldwide with innovative cleantech solutions.

Our turnkey mining water filtration systems can be made t match your specific needs, enabling you to grow. We provide complete end-to-end service and help you with recommendations to obtain the most durable and efficient mining wastewater treatment system and how to operate and maintain it.

We offer complete installation of our water treatment systems and peripheral equipment, including chemical precipitation, ultrafiltration, and dewatering solution. Our integrated PLC and HMI solutions monitor and control the mining water treatment process. All systems can be cloud-enabled and can be monitored remotely by our customers and the LiqTech service team.

Optional applications for further upgrades:

  • Peripheral equipment incl. chemical precipitation
  • Ultrafiltration
  • Dewatering solutions
  • Possibility for cloud-enabled systems
  • Remote monitoring by the customer and the LiqTech service team.

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