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Market-proven marine scrubber water treatment system to obtain constant IMO compliance.

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Marine Scrubber Water Treatment System

At LiqTech, we have long-term experience working with top marine scrubber manufacturers, shipowners, and shipyards, and we have a market-proven solution to obtain constant IMO compliance.

In January 2020, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) implemented a new lower cap on sulfur emissions for international shipping to obtain a cleaner shipping industry. The regulations are even stricter inside the Emission Control Areas (ECA). This sets new standards for how ships should treat their marine scrubber wastewater.

We are here to remove unburned fuel oil, soot particles, ash, and heavy metals from marine scrubber wastewater and take an active role in reducing world pollution. We are sharply focused on the industries where we believe our technology and application expertise can make the greatest difference. Flexible set up to deliver to your special needs - wherever you are. And proud to be pioneers when it comes to solving complex filtration challenges. 

LiqTech offers complete wastewater treatment solutions consisting of:

  • Coarse pre-filtration
  • Fully automated SiC membrane system
  • Module for dewatering of membrane reject

LiqTech has developed a compact and efficient marine scrubber water treatment system for both closed-loop and hybrid scrubbers that outperforms discharge limits regulated by the IMO. Working with market leaders for several years, we have successfully installed retrofit and new-build marine scrubber water treatment systems on hundreds of vessels.

  • 12-18 month ROI
  • Ideal for retrofit installation
  • Future-proof solution
  • Selected by market leaders
  • Guaranteed compliance with IMO discharge regulations
  • Market leader with +250 systems in operation
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Proven Solution

1 years of experience in the filtration industry
230 marine scrubber wastewater systems installed worldwide

Selected by Market Leaders Worldwide

Hundreds of vessels are already compliant with future environmental requirements.

LiqTech's marine scrubber wastewater systems are installed on hundreds of vessels worldwide. Our industry leaders' references include vessels such as cruise ships, Ro-Ro passenger ships, Ro-Ro cargo ships, container ships, bulk carriers, tanker ships, etc.

The marine scrubber water treatment system from LiqTech secures compliance with environmental requirements and reduces scrubber sludge handling costs. We have experience with all alkalis used (Mg-compounds, NaOH, Na₂CO₃).

Marine Scrubber Water Treatment with Superior Properties

For more than two decades, we have manufactured filtration products of recrystallized silicon carbide (SiC). Our silicon carbide membrane technology and marine scrubber water treatment systems will provide unique advantages for your business.

Why Choose LiqTech Scrubber Water Treatment

  • 12-18 month ROI
  • Market leader with 250+ systems in operation
  • Improved OPEX by benefits in fuel spread savings
  • Constant IMO compliant
  • Optional retrofit during a sea voyage
  • Safe operation in SECA zones
  • Life cycle secured solution - future compliance
  • Un-interrupted operation on fossil fuels in SECAs
  • Environmental friendly solution - greener footprint
  • Heavy metal removal
  • Danish engineering

Benefits of the LiqTech Systems

  • Fully automated solution
  • Minimal sludge production and handling costs
  • Low-pressure system
  • The highest recovery rate on the market
  • Flexible system design
  • Mechanical separation
  • Small footprint
  • Simplified system
  • Low technical water and chemical consumption
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Ultrafiltration with minimal sludge
  • Remote support
  • Energy-efficient filtration system

Benefits of Membrane Technology

  • Chemically inert
  • Efficient cleaning
  • Robustness
  • Optimized for scrubber applications
  • Better mechanical strength over alumina, with high amounts of CIP
  • Long lifetime
Marine Scrubber Wastewater Filtration Process Liqtech

Filtration Process for Marine Scrubber

Our marine scrubber water treatment system will treat the water from the scrubber tower, and then it is sent back to the scrubber tower for reuse. This enables the marine scrubber to run in a closed-loop with no wastewater discharged overboard. Instead, the particles are filtered and concentrated in the silicon carbide membranes and further dewatered in a filter press, providing bulk discharge of dry waste to a waste handling station while in port.

Liqtech Modular System Design Industrial Wastewater

Modular Design for Flexible Installation

LiqTech's innovative modular design makes installing the marine scrubber wastewater system on retrofits and new builds easy. The modular and flexible marine scrubber solution makes it possible to further increase capacity after installation if needed.

  • Separation of filter skid for ease of installation
  • Easy to upgrade capacity
  • Low maintenance
Ceramic Membrane For Marine Filtration Application

Membrane Technology as a Key Solution to Sustainable Shipping

Innovative and advanced membrane technology is one of the keys to a clean and sustainable shipping industry. This unique technology has efficient filtration, making the reuse of 80-95% of the feed water possible.

Based on more than 20 years of experience in the filtration industry, our marine scrubber wastewater system's main element is our modern silicon carbide (SiC) ceramic membranes. Silicon carbide is the world's second hardest material, making the membranes robust fitting in rough environments, and entails a long membrane lifetime. LiqTech's ceramic membranes operate within the ultrafiltration range and can handle up to 800°C. Moreover, the membranes are chemically resistant, which means they can withstand alkaline and acid waters. 

Membranes can effectively filter the polluted marine scrubber wash water, making it possible to reuse or filter further for discharge. Additionally, a significant benefit of utilizing membranes is that these generate a much lower amount of effluent than what is typically delivered by a closed-loop marine scrubber. Up to 80-95% of the feed entering the water treatment unit ends up as permeate. 

Therefore, membranes protect our environment from pollution and enable us to preserve our scarce water resources.

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