Commercial Pool Filtration System

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Commercial Pool Filtration System

Quality water treatment for your commercial pool.

Increasing focus on reducing the harmful disinfection byproducts from chlorination like trihalomethanes (THM) has increased the focus on using membranes instead of sand filters. Furthermore, membranes create a barrier for Cryptosporidium to re-enter the pool when circulating – a feature sand filter has a hard time realizing.

What might seem clean, can be an unpleasant surprise analyzing it. Today, many filter systems do not filter as expected, meaning your water might have a high number of contaminants, and the consequence can be illness and a potential bad reputation for your pool installation. Another consequence is that your use of chemicals will rise, and your operational cost will likely increase. With a LiqTech water treatment system, we guarantee you that your water is clean and clear, and you will experience savings on backwash, electricity, chemicals, and maintenance.

LiqTech offers innovative stand-alone or complete turnkey pool filtration systems based on high-quality silicon carbide ceramic filters providing high efficiency and reduced life cycle costs. Our turnkey solutions include installations of the entire pool water treatment system including chemical dosing, monitoring and control systems, and recirculation pumps.

Our philosophy is to constantly develop new and more efficient filtration systems that provide environmentally friendly solutions, better water quality, and be economically attractive.

Smaller modular-based systems occupy much less space than traditional filters and provide a simple and effective means for retrofitting existing or design new installations.

We have developed a unique cleaning process that uses significantly less water than other high rate sand or DE filtration systems as we deploy and air flush sequence for each filter.

Our filters provide full automation with backwashing only done based on the transmembrane pressure (TMP). Thereby reducing water usage, daily supervision, and maintenance. The advanced control system allows you to control any other components and attractions in the pool system, saving you time and money.

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Proven Solution

1 years of experience in the filtration industry
280 water treatment systems installed worldwide

Features & Benefits

LiqTech System Benefits

Market-proven water treatment solution for commercial pools

  • Fully automated system
  • Data logging for analysis and optimization
  • Controls all feed and recirculation pumps, valves, and sensors
  • Filtration barrier for Cryptosporidium to re-enter the pool
  • High efficiency and reduced life cycle costs
  • Robust & efficient solution
  • Small footprint - reduces filter room size
  • Modular system design
  • Prepared to meet future requirements for additional capacity
  • Corrosive-resistant system
  • Full remote monitoring and control option from our experienced service technicians
  • Compliance with the most stringent requirements
  • Ensure clean quality water for your guests
  • Faster return of investment due to lower water and chemical consumption
  • Our systems use low energy and save money

Silicon Carbide Membrane Benefits

Ideal for water treatment of commercial pools

  • Highest flux for any membrane material
    With 2-3x the flux of other ceramics and up to 10x polymeric
  • Chemically inert pH 0-14
  • Thermally resistant up to 800°C
  • Hydrophilic material (water-loving)
  • Extremely hard & durable material 2930 +/- 80 KG/MM³ (Vickers scale)
  • Low fouling
  • Abrasive Feeds
  • Low power usage and low pressure
  • Lifetime warranty on our ceramic silicon carbide filters
  • Low operational cost, low total cost of ownership
Commercial Pool Filtration Pore Size Liqtech

Tiny pore size - colosal difference

Superior properties for our ceramic silicon carbide membrane.

A standard pore size of 3 microns greatly increases water clarity. Organic and inorganic particles are removed within every 6 hours versus a 1-2-week period depending on pool circulation time, thus eliminating the growth of bacteria and reducing chemical usage.

Using our ceramic filters decreases the need for chemicals such as chlorine and acid which in turn provides a better bathing experience and a better working environment. All in all, a much more environmentally friendly solution.

Commercial Pool Filtration Principle Liqtech

Pool filtration principle

Dirty water in - clean water out.

The pore size of the membrane walls allows for water to pass through, but dirt, bacteria, and other substances are held back. Dirty water in, clean water out. It is as simple as that.

Way ahead of other solutions

Ceramic Regenerative Sand Cartridge VAC DE Vac sand
Automated system + +
Uses less water for backwash + + +
Uses less chemicals + + +
Minimizes crypto + +
Take up less space + +
15+ year warranty + +
Uses no media +
Removes organic and inorganic material daily + +
Fully non-corrosive construction + +
Filters down to 3 micron + + +
24/7 monitoring + +
Control filter from anywhere in the world +
Fits through a 3x6 ft. doorway + +
Minimal installation labor +
Pre-installed electrical and control +
Monitors temperature +
Monitors flow +
Monitors pressure and pressure drop +
Option for pH, chlorine etc. +

No hidden costs - just plain and simple

Ceramic Regenerative Sand Cartridge VAC DE Vac sand
Additional valves needed Yes Yes Yes Yes
Additional controllers needed Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Flow meter needed Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Filter pump needed Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Strainer needed Yes Yes Yes Yes
Manual valves needed Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Backwash pump needed Yes Yes
Install labor (USD) 1,000 20,000 15,000 10,000 30,000 25,000
Electrical hookup (USD) 3,000 20,000 20,000 15,000 15,000 20,000
Avager cost of media per year (USD) 0 3,000 1,000 3,000 4,000 3,000

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