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Better water quality, 65% reduced footprint, and 70% less water spend with a LiqTech industrial pool filter.

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Commercial Pool Filtration System

Small-footprint commercial pool filters for maximum capacity in minimum space.

LiqTech offers best-in-class commercial pool filtration systems for commercial pools worldwide. Based on more than 20 years of experience in the filtration industry, we have thoroughly developed a superior and cost-effective industrial pool filter that uses a 65% less footprint, reduces the need for chlorine, and delivers high-quality water.

Conventional technologies use large amounts of chemicals for disinfection, whereas our superior commercial pool filter reduces chlorine consumption. With a LiqTech commercial swimming pool filter, we guarantee safe, clean, and clear water.

LiqTech offers innovative stand-alone or complete turnkey commercial pool filters based on high-quality silicon carbide (SiC) ceramic membrane filters providing high efficiency and reduced life cycle costs. With our solution, you can cut costs for your water bill, electricity renewal price, water usage, and maintenance.

Our turnkey solutions can include installing the entire commercial pool filtration system, chemical dosing, UV, monitoring and control systems, and recirculation pumps.

Proven Solution

1 years of experience in the filtration industry
280 water treatment systems installed worldwide

Features & Benefits

LiqTech System Benefits

Market-proven commercial pool filters

  • Up to 65% footprint reduction - the smallest on the market
    Lower building costs for new pools due to the small footprint
  • ≥99% removal of microorganisms, e.g., Cryptosporidium alveolates
  • 70% water reduction in a backwash
  • 30% lower chemical usage
  • At least 40% lower residual turbidity
  • Up to 40% reduction in combined chlorine
  • Up to 40% fewer trihalomethanes (THM)
  • Low maintenance
  • Improved and consistent water quality with low OPEX
  • It uses less water and chemicals
  • High efficiency and low life cycle costs
  • Automatic chemical cleaning
  • Modular system design for flexible installation and capacity upgrades
  • No media costs - low OPEX
  • On-site and remote control of the system
  • Fully-automated system

Silicon Carbide Membrane Benefits

Ideal for commercial pool filter systems

  • Unmatched flux
    SiC membranes have the highest flux of any membrane
  • Small footprint
    Smallest footprint for complete systems in the market
  • Excellent thermal properties
    Our SiC membranes can withstand temperatures of 800°C
  • Unmatched performance
    High performance, low total cost of ownership
  • Chemically inert
    Our systems can withstand the full pH spectrum of 0–14
  • Efficient cleaning
    Any chemical can be used for cleaning, resulting in very low membrane fouling
  • Robustness
    SiC is the second hardest material in the world after diamonds
  • Long-term performance - less maintenance
    Fully automated system with less down time and stable operation

Smallest footprint on the market

Upgrade with the latest software and valves for increased reliability, LiqTech offers a compact commercial swimming pool filtration system with the smallest footprint on the market – up to 65% reduced footprint.

The LiqTech commercial pool filter is highly flexible. The ‘ambidextrous’ design allows all process connections to be installed from either side. Moreover, it is a modular system to which additional housings can be added after installation for further upgrades.

Our significantly reduced skid footprint with up to 75 m3/h filtration capacity per m2 fits through a standard doorway and can be made even smaller if required.

All this makes it perfect for both new-build and retrofit installation with significant savings on space and on-site installation.

  • Compact solution
  • Ambidextrous design
  • Modular design
  • Fits through a standard doorway
  • Perfect for new-build and retrofit
  • Significant savings
  1. Small Footprint Pool Filtration System Liqtech Water
  2. Average Sand Filter
Commercial Pool Filtration Pore Size Liqtech

Benefits of SiC ceramic membrane technology

Superior properties of our ceramic silicon carbide membrane.

At LiqTech, we have manufactured products using recrystallized silicon carbide for more than two decades. Our SiC membrane technology and systems provide unique advantages to your business compared to other conventional commercial pool filter technologies.

SiC is chemically inert and abrasion resistant and has a high affinity for water (small footprint) and extreme hardness, making it a very durable product, perfect for commercial pool and spa filtration.

Our ceramic filters decrease the need for chlorine and acid, which provides a better bather experience and an improved working environment – all in all, a much more eco-friendly solution.

Commercial Pool Filtration Principle Liqtech

Pool filtration principle

Dirty water in - clean water out.

The commercial pool filter membrane has a dead-end design, which yields a more cost-efficient filtration performance than other commercial swimming pool filtration systems and poses no risk of contaminated water passing through the filter.

With a very large filtration area of 7 m2 for a filtration element of ø 146 x 800 mm and a fast and easy backwash consuming only 75 liters, you benefit from the unique advantages of SiC membranes by increasing the water usage and simultaneously getting cleaner water.

The pore size of the membrane walls in our commercial pool filers allows water to pass through while contaminants are retained. Dirty water in, clean water out, and it is as simple as that.

Superior Pool Filtration - Way Ahead

Ceramic pool filtration compared to conventional filters on the market

Ceramic Regenerative Sand Cartridge
Automated system + +
Uses less water for backwash + + +
Uses fewer chemicals + +
Minimizes crypto + +
Takes up less space + +
Dead-end filtration +
Uses no media +
Removes organic and inorganic material +
Filters down to 3 micron + + +
24/7 monitoring + +
Fits through a standard doorway + +
Minimal installation labor +
Pre-installed electrical and control cabinet +
Monitors temperature +
Monitors flow +
Monitors pressure and pressure drop + + +

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