Savings of 66% on Annual Operation Costs

Read more about how Urmston Swimming Pool and Trafford Leisure are taking a significant move that benefits their business and contributes to a greener future with a LiqTech Pool Filtration System.

Cleaner Pools, Cleaner Profits: Trafford Leisure's Remarkable 66% Cost Reduction Through Advanced Filtration

The Case

Location: Urmston, United Kingdom

Pool type: Teaching pool

Pool size: 25 m, 6 lane

Commissioning: 2022


Facing High Annual Operational Cost

Trafford Leisure faced annual operation costs of over 37,000 € in their swimming pool in Urmston, using conventional sand filters to filter the water. These operation costs include the electrical charge, water cost, and gas heating cost. 


Trafford Leisure utilized a successful partnership with our distributor, Total Pool Filtration Ltd, which had earlier delivered a filtration solution to Stretford Sports Village. Knowing Total Pool's expertise in implementing the LiqTech ceramic membrane system and the membrane technology and its advantages to secure a sustainable business, they again partnered to deliver a ceramic membrane filtration system – this time for the Urmston Swimming Pool. 

Saving 66% in Operating Costs and 9,1 tons of CO2 Annually

By replacing the conventional sand filters with a LiqTech Pool Filtration system employing ceramic membrane filters, Urmston Swimming Pool achieved savings in annual operational cost of over 25,000 €, corresponding to 66%. Furthermore, they attain environmental yearly savings of 9,1 tons of CO2. Thereby, Urmston Swimming Pool and Trafford Leisure are taking a significant move that benefits their business and contributes to a greener future. 

The substantial cost savings are, among other things, due to a 60% reduction in average pump power consumption, even with a faster flow rate than the sand filter.

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Smaller Footprint, Bigger Savings

Liqtech Vs. Sand Filter (2)


All these great results were obtained with a space-saving system compared to the previous filtration solution. The size of the previous sand filter was approx. 9.2 square meters in footprint, whereas their new LiqTech Pool Filtration Systems only take up about 3.5 square meters in the technical room.

The LiqTech Commercial Pool Filtration system is modular and can be fitted almost everywhere. Furthermore, the modular design allows the people at Urmston to increase the filtration capacity by adding more systems if needed.

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