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Pool Filtration System

Superior Water Quality & Healthy Indoor Climate

The Case

Skive water park was to be renovated to be able to meet the requirements for a modern water park. The water filtration system also needed an upgrade to ensure the highest water quality which complies with regulatory requirements.

Pool Filtration System Solution

We are really satisfied with the water quality we have achieved from installing the LiqTech system, and our guests benefit greatly from the healthier environment.

Michael Pedersen

Technical Manager, Skive Municipality

LiqTech Pool Filtration Unit - Skive Water Park

The Solution

One of the crucial points at Skive was the compact size of the water treatment system, as additional sand filters would need a basement extension. It was also important was to reduce the use of chemicals to create a healthier indoor climate in the swimming area, but with a continued focus on superior water quality and water and energy savings.

The Solution was a high-tech LiqTech water treatment system, featuring microfiltration membranes that take up 1/4 of the footprint compared to a sand filter solution. The choice was also based on its ability to provide the best and most reliable water filtration technique, together with a clean and consistent water quality.


LiqTech System Design

Materials and Components

Our membrane systems are standardized and built-in either corrosion-resistant stainless steel (SS316L) or plastic (PP). High-quality pumps, valves, and sensors are used to ensure operational stability and longevity. Construction materials and seals are selected depending on the water composition and end-user requirements. LiqTech also offers customized solutions such as containerized units.

Modular Systems

The LiqTech membrane system is based on standardized membrane modules. This facilitates the option of expanding the system with additional membrane modules to further increase the capacity if necessary. LiqTech offers systems in a flow range as low as 0.5 m³/h (2 GPM) and up to more than 1000 m3/h (4,400
GPM). These units are designed and manufactured with the objective of easy maintenance and expedient and compact footprint.

Cleaning tools

The membrane systems are made with automatic backwash. Automatic CIP (cleaning-in-place) is optional but recommended.


The heart of the system is based on LiqTech’s patented SiC ceramic membranes. These membranes are
extremely robust, tolerating high water flow; aggressive cleaning and they provide a long lifetime. The SiC
membranes are available with microfiltration and ultrafiltration pore sizes, serving a wide range of applications.


The systems are fully automated and may be remotely monitored and controlled.

LiqTech Installation

LiqTech Pool Installation Skive Water Park
  • 5 pools. 50m pool 480 m³/h (2,113 GPM), warm water 34°C/93°F and 220 m³/h (969 GPM), spa 150 m³/h (660 GPM), children's pool 150 m³/h (660 GPM), wave pool 100 m³/h (440 GPM)
  • Turnover of 1100/m³/h / 4,843 GPM
  • Used by up to 16,000 - 20,000 people per month

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