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Pool Filtration System

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The Case

Location: Allerød, Denmark

Pool Type: Outdoor pool

Size: 18 x 7 m + A small children's pool

Details: A privately owned outdoor pool for a local community. Open three months a year. 

Commissioning: 2010


In Allerød, a local community near Copenhagen, Denmark, most young people spend their summer school vacations by Rønneholtparken's pool, swimming, playing, and having fun. Elderly residents enjoy morning swims, and water-loving families use their sunny weekends in the cozy pool area. 

For the community to enjoy this pool area, it is essential for the daily operation team, John and Jan, that the pool is safe and the water quality is living up to the standards and regulations. That is why they chose the LiqTech Pool Filtration System for cleaning the pool water back in 2010. John and Jan are taking good care of the elderly LiqTech Pool Filtration System, and the system has been running without replacing the membranes during the 13 years of operation.

Pool Filtration System Solution

We are very fulfilled with the LiqTech pool filtration system.


Operation, Rønneholtparken

The Solution

This filtrations system has been cleaning the pool water for over a decade, three to four months yearly. The pool is like most outdoor pools, exposed to high concentrations of oils from sunscreen, bacteria, and other unwanted particles from the users of the pool, as well as dirt, leaves, and other organic matter from the outdoor environment.

As pre-treatment to the LiqTech Filtration System, the operation has a simple strainer (1,000 micron) conducting hair, leaves, and other debris. Backwash is performed 1 – 2 times daily in the operations period, and the chemical membrane cleaning (CIP) is performed three times a month during the three months in the summer period when the pool is open.


Excellent water quality

Excellent water quality is documented by the weekly lab analysis in Rønneholtparken.

Authority Requirements (DK) LiqTech System
Parameter Unit Quality Requirement
Minimum Maximum
Clearness The water must be clear OK
pH 6,8 7,6 OK
Free Chlorine mg/l 1 2 OK
Total Chlorine mg/l 0,5 OK
Trihalomethaner (THM) µg/l 50 OK

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