New Testing: Electrocoagulation - Reduce Chemical Consumption in Power Plants

LiqTech is supported by MUDP, an eco-technical program under the Danish Environmental Protection Agency focusing on green technologies of the future. We have developed a filtration system for power plants, which can remove heavy metals, such as mercury and cadmium, from flue condensate, enabling power plants to comply with stringent limit values now and in the future. Utilizing electrocoagulation, our solution can reduce chemical consumption while generating a reduced amount of sludge. 


Read more about what MUDP says about the innovative project in their annual report on page 19 here (in Danish) or learn more about our power plant filtration solution here (in English).

We are now in the process of testing electrocoagulation in several power plants. We focus a lot on cadmium and mercury; two of them really harmful heavy metals, and we can remove them very effectively with electrocoagulation. Denmark has a fine foothold in this field, and the global market is growing.

Haris Kadrispahic

Haris Kadrispahic

Head of Innovation