LiqTech In New Joint Venture - Featured In CleantechWatch (Danish Article)

In a new joint venture, LiqTech is investing in reusing the millions of liters of water that are used every day to extract oil in the Middle East.

A snippet of the article

In the Middle East, millions of liters of water are pumped to the underground every day to drain oil, and although water can be in short supply, it is so polluted that it is subsequently loaded onto wagons and driven out to large reservoirs.

With our silicon carbide membranes, we believe that we can completely purify the oil from water, which can be reused again and again - and that is the idea behind the newly founded joint venture company; LiqTech Water Projects:

"This is something we have been developing for many years and have a patent on. We have spent around DKK 450 million on developing it, and you could say that this is what we are capitalizing on," says LiqTech’s Group CEO, Sune Mathiesen, about the new company.

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