LiqTech Culture

Working at LiqTech, you are surrounded by passionate and ambitious people, each with their unique knowledge. Being surrounded by talented and passionate people is very motivating, which is why I enjoy being an employee at LiqTech. Moreover, it encourages working at a company producing environmentally friendly products and solutions, helping companies take care of the environment.

- Mie Schøtt Madsen

Digital Marketing Specialist


Meet Cæcilie - HR Partner

My educational background is within Communication and Digital media, specializing in internal communications. One of my favorite things about working in LiqTech is that every day, I get to work, communicate, and surround myself with highly dedicated colleagues who are all experts in their fields of work.

The buzzing energy of innovation and knowledge is very inspiring. I feel privileged that by working in Human Resources, I get to support my colleagues by ensuring that the framework for a good work environment is maintained. Whether it is making sure that we abide by the Danish employment laws, helping recruit new colleagues, or partnering with Managers to find ways of improving our processes and ensuring the right level of communication with all employees.

No two days are the same in LiqTech HR, and I thrive in the variety of both repetitional and new and challenging tasks.