Transform conventional wastewater treatment plant into a recycling plant

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Project Varga

Project VARGA

Project VARGA (Water Resource Recovery Facility) is an export window for demonstrating Danish expertise in environmental technologies in the wastewater sector.

The project's primary goal is to transform a conventional wastewater treatment plant into a recycling plant (Water Resource Recovery Facility).

Purpose of VARGA:

  • To develop essential parts of the circular economy for energy production and utilization of nutrients in urban waste and wastewater for the production of food
  • To develop a concept for upgrading a conventional wastewater treatment plant to the future Water Resource Recovery Facility (WRRF)
  • To demonstrate this at Avedøre Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP), with a capacity of 400,000 PE, which will be a showcase for Danish environmental technology in international size
  • To demonstrate synergies in co-operation on resource utilization across the water and waste sectors
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