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Oil Filtration Systems for Frac Flowback and Produced Water Treatment

As the world’s oil wells mature and the water cut increases, it becomes challenging for oil producers to discharge or re-inject produced water from oil and gas production. Simultaneously, more environmental standards and requirements appear, which demand innovative and durable oil and gas-produced water treatment technologies to obtain compliance.

With LiqTech Water’s revolutionary oil filtration system, it has never been easier to meet the tightening standards and requirements for frac flow back and produced water.

Our produced water treatment system employs our patented, state-of-the-art silicon carbide (SiC) ceramic membrane technology. Our ultrafiltration-produced water system offers guaranteed filtration levels under the most extreme conditions.

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Operational Advantages of Oil & Gas Produced Water Treatment Technology

Besides compliance, there are many operational benefits linked to cleaning produced water. The most significant operational advantages delivered by a LiqTech filtration system for oil and gas include:

  • Oil reservoir permeability, which facilitates improved production to recover more oil
  • Extended well lifetime
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Protect high CAPEX equipment
  • Bacteria removal for H2S reduction

One-Step Oil and Gas Filtration with LiqTech’s SiC membranes

LiqTech offers market-proven produced water treatment methods for gas and oil filtration. The solution is equipped with our durable ceramic silicon carbide membranes, which deliver unique advantages. We can customize filtration solutions for onshore and offshore installation.  

The hydrophilic properties of silicon carbide make it possible to obtain higher water fluxes than any other membrane material. Continuous process flux for oil and water separation is recorded between 200-2000 L/(m2h) – depending on the oil type. Removal of oil and TSS below 1 ppm is possible at very high flux rates.

Our pioneering oil and gas-produced water treatment technology is a sustainable and viable alternative to conventional solutions such as hydrocyclones, induced gas flotation units, micro-flotation, and walnut shell filters.

LiqTech’s systems replace conventional solutions with a one-step filtration process. We can meet discharge levels for oil content, where traditional technologies cannot.

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SiC Ceramic Membrane Properties

LiqTech’s revolutionary silicon carbide ceramic membranes will provide you with a future-proof oil and gas filtration solution for the tertiary treatment of produced water from oil and gas production.

  • pH range: 0 to 14
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Temperature: Up to 800˚C in air
  • Solvents: Completely stable
  • Oxidizers: Any concentration
  • Permeability: Highest for any membrane material

Combining the highest flux and the most robust properties makes our ceramic silicon carbide membranes ideal for the filtration of produced water from oil and gas production. Our ceramic membranes can deliver efficient results and withstand heavy-handed treatment.  

  • The surface of our ceramic membranes is very hydrophilic, making it oleophobic. This means that the surface repels oil.
  • The surface of our ceramic membranes is negatively charged at most pH values. As oil droplets are also typically negatively charged, they are repelled from the membrane surface.
  • Our ceramic membranes are chemical resistant, which ensures efficient cleaning of the membranes for worst-case scenarios (severe scaling)
  • Due to the high permeability delivered by our silicon carbide membranes, the weight, footprint, and energy consumption of our produced water treatment plants can be reduced significantly.
Our SiC Technology

Unique Properties - Unique Results

  1. Treatment Of Emulsified Produced Water Off Shore Scandinavia
  2. Produced Water For Reuse (Onshore) Liqtech
  3. Produced Water For Re Injection Liqtech
  4. Tailings SAGD Liqtech

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

Market-proven oil filtration systems

  • Consistent removal of oil and suspended solids
  • Robust oil and gas filtration equipment compared to upstream upsets
  • Accepts a wide range of influent oil and solid content
  • Replacing several technologies with one process
  • Highest flux rates for any membrane technology on the market
  • Meet new environmental regulations

What can oil filtration be used for?

Suitable applications for the LiqTech system

  • Produced water
  • - Surface discharge
  • - Re-injection
  • - Reuse for other purposes
  • Unconventional/EOR
  • - Flowback from fracking
  • - Steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD)
  • - Polymer flooded produced water
  • Refinery wastewater
  • - Ceramic MBR
  • - Removal of heavy metals
  • - Wet gas scrubbing

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At LiqTech, we have everything in-house, and this is key to our oil and gas customers. They want to partner up with experts who know their technology and produced water treatment equipment in detail.

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Kenneth Johansen

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