Euro VI Emission Standards

Particle filters for engines in heavy vehicles

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Development Of Particle Filters For Euro V Engines In Heavy Vehicles Liqtech

Euro VI Emission Standards

Development of particle filters for Euro V engines in heavy vehicles.

Story & Objective

LiqTech International A/S has for several years been working on the development of particle filters for engines in heavy vehicles. Optimizing filters to meet the latest Euro VI emission standards for heavy vehicles is a major challenge. Euro VI has introduced requirements for the number of particles to be discharged – not only the discharged particulate mass. LiqTech wants to solve this challenge together with the Technological Institute and Purefi A/S. Optimization of the older Euro IV- and V-engines resulted in a significant reduction in the particle mass compared to previous Euro norms. However, it was primarily the amount of the larger visible particles that were reduced while the number of ultrafine particles remained almost at the same level.

The objectives of the project are to develop and optimize the properties of LiqTech’s silicon carbide (SiC) particle filters in order to effectively reduce the number of ultrafine particles discharged. The development is targeted installation on new Euro V engines in order to comply with the latest Euro VI emission standards.

Project & Results

The project must work to find an optimal relationship between the size of the filters, filtration capacity, and the drop of pressure. The development work will be focused on optimizing the porosity of the filters combined with a lower cell density. Practical implementation of filters on Euro V-vehicles will take place just as extensive measurements will be carried out continuously throughout the project.

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