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At LiqTech our mission is to minimize the impacts made from living a better and improving lifestyle. The purpose of our products is to ensure both progress and sustainability through innovative thinking and a unique technology for the purification of liquids and gases. We are a leading international player when it comes to removing oil, pathogens, and heavy metals from water. And we are taking an active role in reducing world pollution.

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LiqTech In Numbers

3 locations - Ballerup, Hobro & Aarhus
20 years of experience in the filtration industry
150 employees worldwide

We believe it is our responsibility as a company and as a people to take strides in reducing global pollution.

Sune Mathiesen

Sune Mathiesen

Group CEO, LiqTech

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    Nor-Shipping 2022

    Nor-Shipping, Lillestrøm, Norway 08:00 AM CET local time02:00 AM ET in New York

    Come and visit us at Nor-Shipping 2022 i Norway.

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Liqtech Media Kit Logo


The LiqTech logo is simple yet significant. And professional yet human. It is a modern signifier that represents our role as an innovative and pioneering organization and our professional and visionary approach to what we do.

The logo is only to be used in black or white. However, in certain cases that demand a slight deviation from the general guidelines, for instance when the logo is used on glass signage, a special version of the logo can be used. Special versions of the logo must always be approved by LiqTech before use.


To ensure avoid clutter, maximize impact, and ensure a visually appealing expression, the logo clear space must always be respected. The clear space is equal to the cap height of the Q.

Clearspace exceptions

In certain cases, it might be necessary to deviate from the clear space, for instance on signage with limited space. However, when possible, the clear space should always be respected.


The logo can be scaled down to small sizes on print and screen. The smallest size available is 10 mm wide.

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Liqtech Media Kit Brandmark


The LiqTech brandmark is an identity stamp that can be used as a form of visual signature or a graphical element. The brandmark is the Q from our logo - but it’s much more than that.

If you look more carefully you will see that the Q forms an arrow, which symbolizes performance, dynamics, vision, and sustainability. The line in the Q shows direction and symbolizes our commitment to being pioneers in purification technology while meeting the environmental challenges of tomorrow.

The brandmark can be used in black and white or with graphic or photographic “filling” that is relevant to the context. The brandmark can constitute an interesting visual element that expresses the many facets of what we do and ties the story together.

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