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Our Promise to the World

As a pioneer, and the leader on development, manufacturing, and supply of revolutionary silicon carbide ceramic technology for purification of liquids and gasses, we at LiqTech have committed ourselves to help solving the environmental challenges caused by the constantly improving global lifestyle.

We are here to clean water for oil, pathogens, and heavy metals, and to take an active role in reducing world pollution. We care about the future, and at the same time about growth. We see it as our mission to enable companies to grow stronger while meeting the environmental demands of tomorrow. That means the world to us.

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What we do

We'll help you make growth sustainable. Both in relation to profits and the environment.

Let's improve our future together.

Sune Mathiesen

Sune Mathiesen

Group CEO

LiqTech Group Structure

Want to know more about how LiqTech is structured?

With a high focus on sustainable growth and as part of the development of LiqTech Group, we have made some changes in the corporate structure.

LiqTech International Inc. is our listed company at Nasdaq with focus on investor relations. LiqTech Holding A/S holds group functions such as group management, finance, marketing, quality control etc.

LiqTech Water A/S will have focus on water treatment systems, and LiqTech Ceramics will be selling and developing silicon carbide membranes and diesel particulate filters. Our newest member, LiqTech Plastics, will have a focus on plastic processing with more than +60 years of experience.

This structure is meant to strengthen our business and make the structure more transparent for customers, investors, suppliers etc.

It is time to act

This is our planet and the human impact on the environment has become one of the main challenges of our time.

At LiqTech our mission is to minimize the impacts made from living a better and improving lifestyle. We are minimizing the impacts from some of the most polluting industries in the world like shipping, power plants, oil, and gas, etc.

The purpose of our products is to ensure both progress and sustainability through innovative thinking and a unique technology for the purification of liquids and gases.

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Investing in Liqtech

Fast-growing and innovating filtration company with focus on sustainable growth.

LiqTech is a US-listed technology company headquartered in Denmark which for more than 20 years has been at the leading edge in developing and marketing its own proprietary products to the environmental industry.

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Friends of The Environment

1 years of experience in the filtration industry
1999980 large vehicles retrofitted with our Diesel Particulate Filters
280 water treatment systems installed worldwide

Our History

Follow the LiqTech timeline

  • 2000

    LiqTech was established

    LiqTech was founded and opens an office and production in Copenhagen with the purpose to produce novel SiC membranes technology for liquid filtration.

  • 2000

    First membrane prototypes produced

    Fundamental research and first SiC manufacturing.

  • 2002

    High-performance DPF's developed

    A range of high-performance SiC diesel particulate filters entered the automotive market for cleaner air.

  • 2006

    SiC membrane technology development

    New membrane commercialized to meet the stringent environmental requirements.

  • 2014

    Acquisition of systems manufacturer

    In 2014, LiqTech acquired the operations of Provital Solutions A/S, a Denmark-based water solutions company.

  • April 2019

    LiqTech listed at Nasdaq

    April 17, 2019, LiqTech was ringing the Closing Bell at the Nasdaq Stock Market in New York. 

    Please click on the picture to see the video from the event.

  • September 2019

    Acquisition of plastic manufacturer

    In Sep 2019, LiqTech acquired the operations of BS Plastic A/S. BS Plastic was founded in 1958 as a provider of machined and welded plastic parts.