Membrane Housings

Long-lasting and robust membrane housings for efficient liquid filtration in the microfiltration and ultrafiltration range.

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LiqTech DIN Multi Housings

At LiqTech, we supply membranes and membrane housings for water and wastewater treatment of various types of liquids. Our membrane housings are sturdy and designed for optimal effectiveness and excellent hygiene, allowing them to operate in many industries.

The LiqTech membrane housings are made for 7, 13, 67, 99, or 137 membranes and one membrane LAB housing. The various designs can be combined, which ensures that we can meet your desired capacity. The membrane housings are manufactured in stainless steel to provide a sturdy and robust design, capable of operating in the most extreme conditions with aggressive and corrosive fluids. The membrane housings can be made in other materials on request.

The housings can withstand high operating pressure. They are ideal for microfiltration and ultrafiltration applications.

Moreover, housing components can be supplied separately for customer assembly. The housings are available pre-assembled with membranes and tested for tightness at LiqTech. Instrumentation, clamps, couplings, and screw-in valves can also be provided.

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Ceramic Membrane Housing

Market-Proven Solution

We have a market-proven solution. The LiqTech membrane housings and membranes are used in commercial water treatment systems within various industries worldwide.

With LiqTech membrane housing and membranes, you are guaranteed a market-proven and future-proof solution. With over 20 years of experience in the water treatment industry, we possess extensive know-how, enabling us to deliver efficient and reliable water treatment solutions. We have installed more than 300 water treatment systems worldwide within many industries, including food and beverage, marine, power plant, mining, and heavy metal removal.

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Microfiltration Ceramic Membrane

Combine Your Membrane Housing With State-of-the-Art Ceramic Membranes

At LiqTech, we also supply ceramic membranes with unique properties. Our membranes possess an extremely high degree of mechanical, thermal, and chemical stability.

Based on more than 20 years of research and development, we have refined our ceramic membranes. Our patented membranes have a small footprint, ensuring that you can upgrade your capacity to the fullest. Our membranes provide consistent and continuous separation of particles, oil droplets, emulsions, and suspended solids. The membranes can operate in pH range 0-14, enabling them to handle even the most aggressive and corrosive fluids. Regardless of the feed water condition, you have ensured permeate of the best quality thanks to the small membrane structure and efficient operation.

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