Solutions to remove micro-pollutants and micro-plastics from wastewater

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CLEANWATER is a research project working with solutions to remove micro-pollutants and micro-plastics from wastewater.

CLEANWATER has a particular focus on reducing the input of micropollutants and microplastic into the Baltic Sea by exploring, developing, and comparing new eco‐technological approaches.

Project goals:

  • Develop eco‐technological solutions for removing micropollutants and microplastic from contaminated water
  • Determine the dominant source, wastewater or stormwater, for various micropollutants and microplastics
  • Develop testing methods for the analysis of xenobiotics and microplastics in storm‐, leachate‐, and wastewater

LiqTech has developed a membrane bioreactor (MBR) wastewater treatment system with flat sheet membranes to remove micro-pollutants, micro-plastics, and xenobiotics.

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