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Water Reclamation & Recycling

Although water is a scarce resource, the demand for clean water continues to grow rapidly due to an increasing population and improving lifestyles. Therefore, we need to protect our scarce water resources by water reclamation, enabling sustainable and safe water reuse and wastewater recycling.

Many industrial operations generate wastewater streams. Often, these wastewater streams are discharged into the environment although they represent valuable resources, which could be reused for various industrial applications and purposes or sold for irrigation. Yet, in order for wastewater to be reused, it needs to be reclaimed through a water recovery treatment process. Water reclamation is a filtration process, which removes wastewater contaminants and pollutants, allowing wastewater and effluent to be reused for various other applications and processes. It is a safe and sustainable method to reuse water, which would otherwise have been discharged.

Water reclamation and effluent reuse bring about financial, social, and environmental benefits. When you reclaim water, e.g., groundwater or backwash water from sand filters, you can reduce your water consumption and the related costs significantly.

Water recycling will only become a greater industrial focus as it is a cost-effective and sustainable solution. Water reclamation and reuse contribute to reduced operational costs due to lowered water consumption while it also reduces wastewater discharge and the fees linked to the disposal of wastewater. Moreover, as more and more places experience water scarcity and water stress, freshwater prices are on the rise. Thus, it is a more cost-effective solution to reuse water rather than produce desalinated water or transport potable water.

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Water Reclamation System

Turn your Waste into a Resource

LiqTech Water’s advanced water reclamation systems enable you to turn your waste into a resource. Water recycling can be used for, e.g., groundwater or backwash water from sand filters. By treating your wastewater, it can be reused for other industrial applications or processes.

Water reclamation and effluent recycling allow you to optimize your operation. Once you manage your water resources most efficiently, you can lower your water consumption and the related costs significantly. This directly affects your profitability and competitiveness. Moreover, you lower your dependency on freshwater suppliers. Thus, water reuse represents an economically viable solution.

At LiqTech Water, we are water filtration specialists. We can assist you with various advanced solutions and make recommendations on how you can treat your water and effluent to obtain the best water recovery results.

Operational Benefits of Water Reclamation

Water reclamation systems deliver significant benefits to your operation. It is a sustainable, safe, and cost-effective solution to optimize your water management.

LiqTech Water provides innovative water recycling solutions for backwash water from sand filters and groundwater. We have more than two decades of experience with various types of liquid filtration processes. Our unique water reuse technology contributes to: 

  • Increased water efficiency
  • Reduced reliance on potable water supplies owing to a self-sufficient wastewater recycling solution
  • Reduced wastewater discharge fees
  • Reduced energy consumption due to lowered need for storage tanks and feed pumps
  • Increased production capacity due to increased potable water availability
  • Improved compliance thanks to a sustainable effluent reuse solution
Wastewater Recovery And Water Recycling

Sustainable Benefits of Water Reclamation

Wastewater recovery and water recycling represent attractive strategies to protect scarce water resources for the current as well as future generations.

Water reclamation is an advanced water treatment technology, which can be the lever to combat water scarcity by enabling water reuse and effluent recycling. As the global population continues to grow, the demand for clean water grows at an alarming rate as well. With a world short on clean water, the demand may easily exceed the supply. Water reclamation is an advanced water treatment technology, allowing us to use and reuse our resources more efficiently. It is a method to protect drinking water resources as less freshwater will be used for non-drinking purposes.    

Moreover, wastewater reuse is extremely essential in regions or countries with contaminated water as well as in arid areas as it helps to prevent drought.

Water recycling is an environmentally sound technology, which also reduces the amounts of pollutive matter led to sensitive environments.

Environmental Regulations

With the emergence of the UN SDGs and the great global focus on sustainable and viable solutions, more regions and countries adopt stricter regulations on how businesses should treat their wastewater and how wastewater can be reused.

As more regions and countries demand wastewater to be treated before discharge, it seems apparent to reclaim the water as a resource with wastewater recovery technology. Advanced water recovery technology merely becomes more essential as fines linked to the violation of environmental regulations can be substantial.

Water Reclamation Technology

Wastewater recycling demands the same durable filtration process as what is used for conventional wastewater filtration. With more than two decades in the filtration industry, we are water filtration experts. We have thoroughly developed a unique, patented membrane technology ideal for water reclamation systems.

LiqTech’s water reclamation systems are based on patented ceramic silicon carbide (SiC) membranes. SiC is the hardest man-made material ever produced. This contributes to extremely strong, durable, and long-lasting membranes. This is a thorough and durable ultrafiltration technology, which can deliver the entire reclamation process or act as pre-filtration for reverse osmosis (RO).

Reclaim your backwash water from sand filters and groundwater with advanced membrane technology.

LiqTech Water provides innovative wastewater recovery solutions with tubular or flat sheet membranes for reclamation of backwash water from sand filters. Our backwash water treatment systems increase water efficiency over sand filters and reduce water consumption significantly.

LiqTech Water also provides direct filtration solutions at the wellhead where our technology is able to filter groundwater at the source with pressurized systems. This approach reduces the need for storage and feed pumps as we simply use the feed pressure directly from the submersible pump.

LiqTech’s wastewater recycling technology comes with sensors to constantly monitor that the treated water quality is hygienically safe and treated according to the intended end-target.

Removed Water Contaminants

LiqTech’s water reclamation systems can deliver clean and hygienically safe water. It is a market-proven and reliable wastewater reuse technology, which delivers consistent high-quality water. Several monitors will ensure that the treated water complies with stringent treatment standards. The ultrafiltration process can remove, e.g.:

  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Pathogens
  • Microorganisms
  • Smaller organic and inorganic particles

Customized Water Recycling Solutions Developed by Experts

Water recovery may require customized solutions. With more than 20 years in the filtration industry, we are here to assist you with unique solutions and recommendations on how you can obtain the best water reuse results.

Water reclamation is an advanced water recovery technology that may require some degree of customization. Water may need to be filtered differently depending on where it stems from and which applications or processes it is to be reused for. At LiqTech Water, we are water filtration experts with more than 20 years of experience within the field of water treatment. We have helped several international companies and industry leaders with how to manage their water resources to optimize their operations.

LiqTech Water has delivered turnkey water reclamation systems to various industries, including:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food and Beverage
  • Dairy
  • Oil and Gas
  • And many more


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