UVC disinfection for the transport sector

Intelligent UVC purifiers to disinfect water. Immediately effective removal of bacteria, viruses, and pathogens for clean water anywhere, anytime.

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Cutting-Edge UVC Disinfection for the Transport Sector

Integrate UVC decontamination technology into your means of transportation to access pure water directly from the tap. Get clean water anywhere, anytime.

At LiqTech Water, we offer various superior UVC LED disinfection systems for immediate disinfection of water. It is an advanced and compact piece of technology, which can remove harmful elements, such as pathogens, bacteria, viruses, and many other hazardous microorganisms from water. Thus, you are guaranteed clean and safe water regardless of where in the world you are. The solution is ideal for various types of transportation such as airplanes, boats, motorhomes, caravans, and many more.

UVC Disinfection of Water

No matter where in the world you are heading, clean water is a necessity. UVC purification is a clean, reliable, and cost-efficient method to safeguard your water from contamination. With the innovative UVC LED disinfection solution, you can get clean water anywhere, anytime.

Clean water is a necessity for sanitation, cooking, and general consumption. Insofar water is not clean; it can quickly cause severe health problems, which may be fatal in the worst case. Therefore, water treatment is crucial.

LiqTech Water offers an innovative UVC LED for sterilization of water. The technology provides instant disinfection and removes more than 99.99 % of pathogens. Moreover, it can remove viruses, bacteria, and waterborne germs. No harmful objects will survive the UVC disinfection. The UVC disinfection solution will immediately harm the DNA structure of the contaminants, which makes them unable to reproduce. With superior water treatment, you can consume clean water, and you do not ever have to worry about water contamination.

We offer multiple UVC disinfection systems for water treatment, meaning that whatever you need within disinfection, we can provide you with a cost-effective, durable, and reliable solution.

All our UVC purification systems are produced of clean materials only and do not add any harmful chemicals to disinfect the water. This is a water treatment solution, which is sound for human health and the environment. The chemistry of the water will remain the same. Moreover, the color, taste, and odor are not altered.

  1. Pearlaqua UV Water Disinfection


    A compact UV-C LED water disinfection system able to handle larger flows.

  2. Pearlaqua Micro UV Disinfection For Water

    PearlAqua Micro

    UV water disinfection module ideal for system integration to ensure disinfection at point-of-use.

  3. Dual Hotcoldunit Pearlaqua UV Water Disinfection

    PearlAqua Dual Hot/Cold

    Dual hot/cold water treatment units for sinks.

POE & POU UV Water Disinfection Solution Transport

Where to Use UVC LED Disinfection?

Get cleaner, safer, and better water directly from the tap with our UVC disinfection technology for various means of transportation.

LiqTech Water offers various compact UVC purification systems for the transport sector. With our innovative disinfection technology, you can access clean and safe water free of pathogens, bacteria, and viruses directly from the tap. The water is disinfected immediately at the point-of-use tap, meaning that you will always have clean water straight from the tap.

Use our disinfection solution to:

  • Get clean water in your transportable kitchen
  • Get clean water in your bathroom on your boat
  • Get clean water in the flight toilet
  • And much more

Why Use UVC Disinfection for the Transport Sector?

Get access to clean water using intelligent UVC decontamination technology. It is an excellent choice to improve water quality, which is essential for human health.

With the point-of-use UVC disinfection unit, you can ensure clean water, safe from any bacterial build-up in the water tank of your caravan, motorhome, or boat. Likewise, you are safe from any foreign bacteria you could experience when bringing your transportable homes to new exotic countries.

UVC purification is an excellent, low-cost method to secure clean, high-quality drinking water. Using UV light, the technology harms the DNA structure of microorganisms, bacteria, and viruses. The technology can effectively remove waterborne germs and diseases to deliver clean water of the best quality. The solution has been employed by various industries worldwide for several decades, meaning that it is highly trusted and a future-proof solution.

The UVC LED disinfection solution from LiqTech is produced of clean materials only, and it does not use or add any hazardous chemicals to clean the water. Our UVC disinfection systems are small and compact and require a minimum footprint. It is a practical design, which is easy to integrate into small spaces, meaning that it can easily be integrated under sinks to treat water at the point of use. Moreover, it is easy and quick to install and maintain as it requires a low level of service.  


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