UVC Cleaning Systems for Residential Use

UVC cleaning systems for residential water disinfection. Instantly effective removal of bacteria, viruses, and pathogens.

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Innovative UVC technology for residential water disinfection

Integrate intelligent UV LED technology into your home to access clean drinking water and boost sanitation standards.

LiqTech Water offers a broad range of intelligent UVC disinfection systems for instant disinfection of water in order to obtain clean drinking water and superior sanitation and hygiene standards. Our UVC cleaning systems remove more than 99.99 % of harmful pathogens from water as well as many other hazardous microorganisms. No harmful residues will remain in the treated water. Our UVC solutions are made of clean materials only and do not use any harmful chemicals to disinfect the water. The water chemistry will remain the same, and the color, odor, and taste are not altered. It is a clean, safe, and affordable solution to access pure water.

  1. Pearlaqua UV Water Disinfection


    A compact UV-C LED water disinfection system able to handle larger flows.

  2. Pearlaqua Micro UV Disinfection For Water

    PearlAqua Micro

    UV water disinfection module ideal for system integration to ensure disinfection at point-of-use.

  3. Pearlaqua Deca UV Water Disinfection

    PearlAqua Deca

    UV water disinfection system for point-of-entry installation. All incoming water is disinfected by UV-C lighting.

  4. Dual Hotcoldunit Pearlaqua UV Water Disinfection

    PearlAqua Dual Hot/Cold

    Dual hot/cold water treatment units for sinks.

POE & POU UV Water Disinfection Solution Residential

Where to use Residential UVC Cleaning Systems

Get cleaner, safer, and better water in your home with our UVC cleaning systems. Get clean water in your entire household or from a specific tap in your house.

At LiqTech Water, we offer various compact and intelligent UVC cleaning systems for residential use. Our UVC disinfection systems can be integrated as point-of-entry or point-of-use, respectively.

With a point-of-entry disinfection system, you can obtain clean water in your entire house. All water coming into your home will be disinfected with our UVC LED technology. Water from all your taps will be clean and safe to consume.

With a point-of-use disinfection system, you can obtain clean water from a specific tap in your house. Get clean water in your kitchen for drinking and cooking, or obtain superior sanitation facilities in your bathroom. All water will be treated instantly at the point-of-use tap.

Our UVC cleaning systems provide multiple opportunities to access clean and safe water for the household free of pathogens, bacteria, and viruses.

The UVC cleaning systems are small and compact and require minimum footprint. This practical design makes it easy to integrate them into small spaces. Moreover, the solution is easy and quick to install and requires minimum maintenance.

Why use Residential UVC Cleaning Systems

There are numerous reasons to use residential UVC technology.

UVC cleaning systems are an affordable and effective solution to secure clean and safe drinking water and boost sanitation standards. UVC systems can effectively remove waterborne germs and diseases, which is a significant favor to your health.

Once you disinfect your water, you lower the risk for infections and diseases caused by contaminated drinking water and poor sanitation facilities significantly. UVC disinfection systems are an affordable, effective, and reliable solution used all over the world. It is made of clean materials and does not use any harmful chemicals, meaning that it is an effective and excellent choice for you and the environment.

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