UV light disinfection for hospitals, dentists, & other healthcare facilities

Advanced UV disinfection technology to disinfect water and surfaces. Instantly effective removal of bacteria, viruses, and pathogens.

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State-of-the-Art UV Light Disinfection for Hospitals, Dentists, and Other Healthcare Facilities

Integrate UV disinfection systems at your hospital, dental clinic, or healthcare institution to access pure water and improve your hygiene standards significantly.

At LiqTech Water, we offer several intelligent UVC hospital disinfection systems for instant disinfection of water and surfaces to access pure water and achieve superior hygiene standards. The innovative UVC light disinfection solution can remove harmful pathogens, bacteria, viruses, and other harmful microorganisms. The solution is ideal for healthcare institutions such as hospitals, dentists, nursing homes, and hospices.

  1. Pearlaqua UV Water Disinfection


    A compact UV-C LED water disinfection system able to handle larger flows.

  2. Pearlaqua Micro UV Disinfection For Water

    PearlAqua Micro

    UV water disinfection module ideal for system integration to ensure disinfection at point-of-use.

  3. Pearlaqua Deca UV Water Disinfection

    PearlAqua Deca

    UV water disinfection system for point-of-entry installation. All incoming water is disinfected by UV-C lighting.

  4. Dual Hotcoldunit Pearlaqua UV Water Disinfection

    PearlAqua Dual Hot/Cold

    Dual hot/cold water treatment units for sinks.

  5. Pearllab Beam UV Disinfection

    PearlLab Beam

    Evaluate UV dose-response data of bacterias, viruses, and spores.

  6. Pearlsurface UV Surface Disinfection


    UVC-LED surface disinfection, optimal for disinfecting tools, lab equipment, masks, and other protective wear.

POE & POU UV Water Disinfection Solution Healthcare

Where to Use Hospital UV Disinfection?

Get cleaner, safer, and better water and clean surfaces with our UV light disinfection for hospitals.

Get pure water at your entire hospital or from a specific tap.

LiqTech Water offers several compact and efficient UV light disinfection systems for hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Our UV disinfection for healthcare can be installed as point-of-entry or point-of-use.

With a point-of-entry UVC hospital disinfection system, you get access to clean water in your entire building. All the water that comes into the building will be disinfected with UV light. Water from all taps at the hospital will be pure and safe to consume. Likewise, it can safely be used in laboratories and ensure clean water is free of pathogens for your research.

With a point-of-use UVC hospital disinfection system, you can access clean water from a specific water source in your building. Get bacteria-free and virus-free water in your emergency room for surgeries, in your medical laboratory for research, or your canteen for safe consumption. All water will be disinfected instantly at the point-of-use tap.

With LiqTech Water’s UV light disinfection for hospitals, you are guaranteed clean and safe water free of pathogens, bacteria, and viruses.

Get sterile surfaces to obtain outstanding hygiene standards.  

The UV light disinfection for hospital surfaces can be utilized for many different surfaces. The innovative solution can disinfect surgical equipment, medical equipment, laboratory equipment, and most healthcare equipment in general.

Why Use UV Light Disinfection at Hospitals?

Get access to clean water and improve your hygiene standards significantly with advanced UV light disinfection for hospitals.

Disinfection systems represent an efficient, low-cost solution to secure clean drinking water and improve sanitation standards. UV disinfection for healthcare can effectively remove waterborne germs and diseases and surface bacteria and viruses. This is imperative as these would otherwise constitute a risk to contaminate your hospital and healthcare facility. This would ultimately put peoples’ lives at risk. With UV disinfection, you can achieve a safe and healthy environment for the benefit of your patients and employees.  

UV light disinfection for hospitals, dentists, and healthcare institutions is a reliable, low-cost solution used worldwide. Our UV solution is made of clean materials and does not add any harmful chemicals. It is an excellent choice for you as well as for the environment.

Our UV light disinfection for hospitals is a small and compact system, requiring a minimum footprint. It is a practical design, which can easily be integrated into small spaces. It is easy to install and requires minimum maintenance.

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