Pearlaqua Micro UV Disinfection For Water

PearlAqua Micro™

World's smallest UV Water Disinfection for clean drinking water without viruses & bacteria.

The world’s smallest UV disinfection is designed for point-of-use systems and processes. The PearlAqua Micro offers outstanding performance through UV-C LED technology and a patented flow cell design. Want to get rid of bacteria and viruses in the water? The PearlAqua Micro is the product!

  • Easy installation
  • Ultra-compact
  • Affordable
  • Highly versatile
  • Best UV-C LED on the market
  • Effective integration
  • UV intensity monitoring


The PearlAqua Micro UV water disinfection system is suitable for...

  1. UV Water Disinfection For Kitchen


  2. UV Water Disinfection For Water Dispenser

    Water Dispenser/Bottle filler

  3. UV Water Disinfection For Bathroom


  4. UV Water Disinfection For Caravan


  5. UV Water Disinfection For Spa

    Spa/Jacuzzi/small pool

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