Sea Water Reverse Osmosis Desalination & Water Treatment. 

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Sea Water Reverse Osmosis Desalination Liqtech Water

SWRO - Sustainable Marine Desalination for Unlimited Freshwater

Produce marine drinking water on your vessel at a cost that beats bottled water.

Generate desalinated potable water and technical water for your commercial vessel, fishing boat, sailing boat, small port application, etc., with a LiqTech seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) system.

  • Greener footprint as no more waste and costs from plastic bottles
  • Options for unlimited technical water on board

The SWRO unit will have a payback period of less than 1.5 years!

Clean Water Anywhere, Anytime

The LiqTech reverse osmosis saltwater units are suitable for small commercial vessels, fishing boats, sailing boats, small port applications, and generally all places with access to seawater and where desalinated, potable water is needed.

The LiqTech SWRO is equipped with a conductivity sensor that continuously measures the water's salinity to ensure potable water quality.

Reverse Osmosis Principle

The reverse osmosis principle utilizes a polymeric membrane, which is a thin, semi-permeable membrane to produce clean water. The RO-membrane allows pure water to pass through while impurities such as salts, dissolved solids, bacteria, and viruses are rejected. Reverse osmosis is a clean way of producing pure water as it does not add or use any chemicals to purify the water.

The LiqTech SWRO is constructed using only high-quality components to ensure long life and low maintenance cost, delivering significant advantages to your business.

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Benefits of the LiqTech SWRO System

Benefits of LiqTech SWRO desalination system

  • Clean potable water
  • Long lifetime
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Low energy consumption
  • Easy to operate
  • Smaller footprint than conventional technologies
  • Consistent, high-quality water
  • Fully automated solution

Suitable applications

  • Commercial vessels
  • Fishing boats
  • Sailing boats
  • Small port applications

Proven Solutions

1 years of experience in the filtration industry
280 water treatment systems installed worldwide

The Cube™

Flexible containerized Cube system with unlimited drinking water for Coast guard, SAR, and Navy vessels.

SH Defence has developed a unique Cube system with cutting-edge equipment that allows Navy and Coast Guard vessels to change purpose in less than 4 hours – without costly rebuilding between missions. 

Together with SH Defence, we can provide unlimited desalinated potable or technical water for you - Clean water anywhere, anytime.

Want to know more? Book a meeting with our Area Sales Manager Marine, Claus Yderstræde.

  1. Containerized SWRO System Liqtech
  2. The Cube SWRO System Liqtech
  3. SWRO Drinking Water Concept

Different Sizes - Easy Upgradable

Available in four sizes (26-52-74-148 / 2.6-14.8 m3/24h)

LiqTech's SWRO water treatment unit is available in four sizes (26-52-74-148 / 2.6-14.8 m3/24h). You can add customized details and equipment. We can accommodate your requests for an energy-efficient and cost-effective operation with a marine desalination unit that converts seawater into extremely pure drinking water. The solution is flexible, easy to install and operate, and you can always increase your capacity after installation if needed.

  1. Liqtech SWRO Desalination System
Filtration Process For SWRO

Filtration Process for SWRO

The LiqTech SWRO unit is a direct flow reverse osmosis (RO) appliance that offers high-quality, clean potable water. The system automatically flushes in start-stop scenarios, ensuring membrane conservation for shorter periods of downtime. The Liqtech SWRO unit does not rely on an external accumulation tank, so it provides high production and availability.

The LiqTech marine desalination system is a compact solution that utilizes RO to desalinate seawater. This is a clean way of producing pure water as it does not add or use any chemicals to clean the water. The RO principle utilizes a thin, semi-permeable polymeric membrane. The membranes remove up to 99 % of dissolved solids, minerals, and salts, which deliver exceptionally pure freshwater.

Polymeric membranes are highly applicable for reverse osmosis as the organic material ensures the most optimal and durable performance for this type of filtration due to the dense pore size.

In practice, seawater enters the SWRO unit, and pressure is applied. The RO-membrane allows pure water to pass through while impurities such as chlorine, heavy metals, dissolved solids, ions, bacteria, and viruses are rejected. This ultimately delivers a concentrated stream of sludge consisting of dissolved solids, minerals, salts, and a permeate stream of extremely clean potable freshwater.

The retentate from the seawater reverse osmosis system can safely and sustainably be discharged back to sea as it only contains low concentrations of the same natural elements in the feed seawater.

We are also ready to assist you with SWRO pre- and post-treatment

At LiqTech, we also offer pre- and post-treatment solutions. The LiqTech SWRO unit can operate with most types of pre- and post-treatment. The seawater reverse osmosis system merely needs a simple pre-treatment to protect the membranes and the pump, which can be, e.g., a 5-micron sediment filter. A remineralization filter can be utilized as a post-treatment to add healthy minerals.

At LiqTech, we can assist you with suitable filters for pre- and post-treatment and specialist knowledge in terms of how to operate the SWRO best.

  1. SWRO Pretreatment

    5µm cartridge pre-filter, Ion exchange, etc.

  2. SWRO Posttreatment

    Remineralization, UV disinfection, etc.

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World Water Scarcity

SWRO ensures available and sustainable management of water.

According to the UN, water scarcity is a severe problem facing the world now and future. Therefore, it is critical to find sustainable and viable solutions to protect current freshwater resources and supply new ones. Fortunately, innovative water treatment solutions such as Seawater Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) may hold the key to solving this immense, global problem.

Under its high energy efficiency and guaranteed consistent water quality, SWRO provides one of the most efficient and sustainable solutions to convert seawater into drinkable freshwater.

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