Wet Gas Scrubber Cleaning System

Power plant water treatment system for wet gas scrubber water and flue gas condensate.

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Filtration Systems for Wet Gas Scrubber Water and Flue Gas Cleaning

LiqTech Water offers an innovative and superior water treatment system ideal for power plants' water treatment processes, such as filtration of wet gas scrubber water and flue gas condensate. The system ensures that even the strictest discharge limits are always maintained and condensate reuse for a more cost-efficient operation.

Today, more power plants convert from coal to biomass. With this conversion comes new requirements for cleaning flue gas and wet gas scrubber water, which ultimately calls for superior power plant water treatment solutions. With a LiqTech power plant water treatment system, you are guaranteed filtration levels under the most extreme conditions without using polymers.

The LiqTech solution is based on patented, state-of-the-art ultrafiltration membranes. The water treatment system is suitable for cleaning wet gas scrubber water and flue gas condensate to comply with authority requirements for limit values on heavy metals and other particulate matters.

Moreover, the system facilities condensate reuse through additional treatment with reverse osmosis (RO) unit. This results in a remarkable reduction in waste-handling costs, providing a typical return on investment in less than three years. On top of this, multiple working hours are emancipated on traditional wastewater handling at power plants and district heating facilities.

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Turnkey Systems for Power Plant Water Treatment Processes

LiqTech’s flue gas cleaning system for power plants is available in various versions capable of handling flows from 0.1 m3/h to as much as 1000 m3/h with options and accessories covering any needs.

The LiqTech flue gas and wet gas scrubber cleaning system require minimal maintenance and a built-in Cleaning-In-Place (CIP). It is possible to integrate backflush, precipitation, pre-treatment, remote monitoring, and control via an internet connection, etc. If needed, LiqTech Water offers other turnkey water treatment installations such as reverse osmosis (RO), nanofiltration (NF), carbon filter (GAC), and several other relevant technologies depending on your specific requirements.

  • Clean and reuse your condensate
  • Minimize your water consumption
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Guaranteed consistently high-quality water
  • Compliance with even the strictest discharge limits
  • Market-proven solution
  • Future-proof solution
  • Remote service & support 24/7 – anywhere in the world

SiC Ceramic Membrane Properties

Our revolutionary ceramic silicon carbide membranes will provide you with a reliable and future-proof industrial water treatment solution for flue gas condensate and wet gas scrubber water.

Our flue gas cleaning technology for the power plant industry utilizes our patented silicon carbide (SiC) ceramic membranes, ensuring effective and consistent retention of particles, particulate matter, and heavy metals. SiC ceramic membranes provide stable operation even at a recovery typically as high as ≤95%. The SiC membranes are highly sturdy and thermal and chemical resistant, making them ideal for harsh industrial applications required by wet gas scrubber water and flue gas condensate.
Ultrafiltration (UF) membrane technology is based on pure mechanical retention of unwanted particles. This means that 100% of the wastewater volume is filtered by the membranes, providing consistent water quality of the treated water.

Membrane technology delivers a much more efficient removal of particles than conventional technologies like sand filters and adsorption filters due to the membranes' porosity being approx. 100 times closer than the media composition in, e.g., a sand filter.

As the superior filtration properties deliver high-quality treated water, consecutive water treatment processes such as NF, RO, EDI, UV, etc., have significantly improved operating conditions – typically with reduced operating costs.

Our SiC Technology

Features & Benefits

LiqTech System Benefits

Market-proven power plant water treatment solution for extreme conditions

  • Removal of heavy metals and other particulate matter from wastewater
  • Mechanical separation
    100% treatment of raw water passing the system, thus no risk of a direct pass of untreated water to downstream RO system
  • Higher removal rate than conventional technologies
    The SiC membranes offer higher filtration efficiency compared to media and bag filters, thus reducing operating costs on downstream RO system
  • Future-proof solution
  • Robust and efficient solution
  • Small footprint
  • Modular system design
  • Easy to increase capacity
  • Corrosive-resistant system
  • Compliance with the most stringent environmental requirements
  • Ensure quality water for discharge or reuse
  • Low energy consumption leading to cost savings

Silicon Carbide Membrane Benefits

Ideal for harsh applications

  • Highest flux for any membrane material
    With 2-3x the flux of other ceramics and up to 10x polymeric
  • Chemically inert pH 0-14
  • Thermally resistant up to 800°C
  • Hydrophilic material (water-loving)
  • Extremely hard & durable material 2930 +/- 80 kgf/mm³ (Vickers scale)
  • Low fouling
  • Abrasive Feeds
  • Low power usage and low pressure
  • Long membrane life
    We offer between 5-10 years warranty on membranes
  • Low operational cost, low total cost of ownership
  • UF systems with these membranes have a small footprint and reduced energy cost since less pressure is required

Unique Properties - Unique Results

  1. Dirty Flue Gas Condensate Water Liqtech
  2. Clean Flue Gas Condensate Water Liqtech

We Are Filtration Experts

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280 water treatment systems installed worldwide
Power Plant Scrubber Wastewater Filtration Process Liqtech

Filtration Process for Wet Gas Scrubbers and Flue Gas Condensate

Our flue gas cleaning technology will treat the flue gas condensate or wet gas scrubber water from the scrubber tower, and then it is sent back for reuse via RO or discharge. The metal loads and particulate matters are filtered and concentrated in the silicon carbide membranes and further dewatered in a filter press, providing bulk discharge of dry waste to a waste handling station.

Flexible Installation Flue Gas Cleaning System Liqtech

Modular Design for Flexible Installation

With LiqTech’s innovative modular design, installing the flue gas cleaning system in tiny areas is easy. The compact solution makes it possible to further increase capacity after installation if needed.

  • Separation of filter skid for ease of installation
  • Easy to increase capacity
  • Low maintenance

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