Filter Press

Flexible filter press with outstanding performance & integrated reject handling

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Filter Press Solid Liquid Separation Water Sludge Treatment Liqtech Water

Filter Press

Filter press for solid & liquid separation - water sludge treatment.

LiqTech Water offers filter press solutions that produce high cake dryness with reduced processing times suitable for process media where high throughputs are required and good access for handling is necessary. The filter press takes sludge and dewaters to a filter cake with up to 80% dry matter, depending on pressure and application. The filter press can be easily opened in two stages to remove the filtered solids and for easy cleaning or replacement of filter media.

Based on more than 20+ years of experience in the filtration industry, we have designed a filter press to separate solids and liquids with outstanding performance to enhance production and efficiency.

LiqTech Water filter presses are customizable and upgradable in terms of adding separation capacity and features to meet your specific needs.

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Features & Benefits

LiqTech Filter Press Benefits

Filter press with outstanding performance

  • Optional built-in reject handling
  • Customizable height & capacity
  • Can be integrated into PLC automated water treatment solutions
  • Simple & flexible design
  • Long lifetime & low maintenance
  • Easily upgradable in terms of filtration area
  • High operating availability & safety

Main industries

Ideal for harsh applications

  • Industrial wastewater
  • Municipal wastewater
  • Chemical industry
  • Metallurgic industry
  • Food-processing industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Many others

Technical Data

Technical data
Frame size 630 x 630 mm / 24.8 x 24.8 inches
Number of filter plates 10 - 60
Filter surface 0.56 m² / 6 ft² per filter plate
Press volume 7 L / 1.85 gal per filter plate
Filtration pressure Up to 16 / 232 psi bar, typically 10 bar / 145 psi
Design pressure 16 bar / 232 psi


Number of plates Dimensions (L x W x H) Weight incl. reject tank Weight excl. reject tank
10 2414 x 1121 x1745 mm 1235 kg 1145 kg
20 2964 x 1121 x1745 mm 1400 kg 1310 kg
30 3514 x 1121 x1745 mm 1565 kg 1475 kg
40 4064 x 1121 x1745 mm 1730 kg 1640 kg
50 4614 x 1121 x1745 mm 1895 kg 1805 kg
60 5164 x 1121 x1745 mm 2060 kg 1970 kg

Reject handling (optional)

The integrated reject module transfer reject water to the desired holding tank or other location above or away from the filter press installation site. This functionality has been designed to be included in the footprint of the filter press and can be added even after installation if the requirement arises.



Filter Press Accessories

If you need any accessories for your filter press, we are ready to assist you.

LiqTech Water supplies a wide range of filter press accessories for our filter presses. With LiqTech Water’s accessories for filter presses, you will achieve high performance and versatility.

Based on more than 20 years in filtration industry, LiqTech’s team of highly skilled engineers and process specialists will customize its range of filter press accessories for your needs and requirements to enhance production and efficiency.

  • Filter Cloth
  • Filter Plates
  • Others

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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If you need more information about our filter press, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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