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Choice of System within the Scope of Refurbishment with an on-site performance report.

Pool Filtration System

Refurbishment of Pool Filtration System

One of our pool distributors, Total Pool Filtration Ltd in the UK, was appointed to install microfiltration at Stretford Sports Village on behalf of Trafford Leisure.

The existing steel filters had reached the end of their life and needed replacement. As the site is also now coming to the end of its lifespan, Trafford Leisure faced the problem of spending money on a facility that would be redundant in the near future.

Filter refurbishments can often be very difficult in established plant rooms, and the one at Stretford is no exception.

Access into the plant room for removal and replacement of conventional filters would have meant some major construction work as part of the plant room roof would have to be removed. This would have caused pool closure for a period of time and would have been costly.

Total Pool Filtration was asked to provide a proposal for their microfiltration system (Ceramiflo), which uses membrane filtration rather than sand filtration.

The system has a multitude of benefits, including full automation, significant water, and chemical savings, as well as unrivaled water quality. Conventional pool filters remove particulates ranging from 6-10 microns in size, whereas Ceramiflo membranes remove particles as small as 2-3 microns. Hence, the water clarity is vastly improved.

Ceramiflo was an ideal choice as the system could be brought into the plant room through pedestrian access, meaning the roof would not have to be removed.


The compact system has been located in a redundant corridor at the end of the plant room, so they also saved the expense of cutting up and removing the old filters.


The whole installation was taken care of with no interruption, which meant that the public could retain full use of the facility. To fit sand filters would have caused the pool to be closed for up to 4 weeks with an estimated loss of revenue of £50,000.


Finally, when the pool facility is replaced, the Ceramiflo system can be easily dismantled and relocated to the new site, saving Trafford Leisure the cost of new filters.


Ceramiflo: Exceptional Pool water clarity with turbidity reading of 0.02 NTU.

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Data Collection Summary

In order to provide a comparison of sand filtration and Ceramiflo, the following data has been collected;

  • Water consumption via water meter fitted to the main pool make up
  • Salt usage to demonstrate chlorine demand
  • Total dissolved solids
  • Turbidity (NTU)

The following table shows the average and typical figures before and after installation of Ceramiflo;

Weekly water Usage Weekly Salt Usage Total Dissolved Solids Turbidity Footprint
(M³) (Kg) (ppm) (NTU) (M²)
Sand Filtration (prior) 46 74 2,83 0.40 22.36
Ceramiflo Membrane Filtration (now) 37 33 2,32 0.20 7.33


  • Water consumption has reduced by 20%
  • Chlorine usage/demand has dropped by 55%
  • The TDS is stabilizing and continues to drop towards an acceptable level
  • The system footprint requirement is just 33% of the size requirement for sand filtration

Ceramiflo has saved significantly on water consumption and chlorine consumption while allowing the pool water TDS to normalize.


  • The main pool was running just one of the two steel filters. A correction has been made to allow for the backwashing of the second filter. Had it been operational and backwashed once weekly, an additional 15 m3 would have been used per week.
  • The salt figure is the total for the small pool and main pool combined.
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