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Reduce dairy wastewater discharge fee by 70%.

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Dairy Wastewater Filtration System

Significant COD Reduction With LiqTech Wastewater Treatment

Reduce wastewater taxes and chemical consumption with a fully automated dairy wastewater treatment system.

Are you struggling with high wastewater taxes and chemical consumption? Would you like to significantly reduce your COD, oils/fat, nitrogen, and phosphor in your dairy wastewater?

Large amounts of water are used during the dairy processes producing effluents containing dissolved sugars, proteins, fats, and residues of additives. The wastewater may contain pathogens from contaminated material or production processes that must be treated before discharge. Especially, pasteurization and homogenization processes produce wastewater streams with high COD loads, and these COD loads must be reduced before release to municipal treatment facilities.

With a LiqTech dairy wastewater treatment solution, you achieve a more economically sustainable dairy business by drastically reducing the OPEX of your wastewater management. Furthermore, you will meet regulatory standards for COD discharge.

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Benefits of the LiqTech Wastewater System

Benefits of LiqTech dairy wastewater filtration system

  • ROI less than one year
  • Reduced OPEX
  • Small footprint
  • Low fouling ceramic membranes in the system
  • A fully automated filtration system
  • Discharge water compliance
  • Hygenic membrane
  • Closed system
  • No foul smell from the system
  • Lower maintenance shut-down periods
  • Significantly higher up concentrated wastewater discharge costs

Comparison with other conventional technologies

  • Do not create odor nuisance (like MBR)
  • does not require significant floor space (like FSM)
  • No need for coagulation or flocculation chemicals (like Band filters)
  • No membrane replacement (like Polymer systems)
  • Do not require manual effort to run the system (self-driven system)
Dairy Test Mammen Dairy Reduced COD

Mammen Dairy Case

Learn more about the significant advantages of our membrane filtration technology for COD removal.

The LiqTech wastewater treatment system has proved significant results in a case study at a big Danish dairy. Among others, the system proved the following:

  • 54% COD reduction
  • 47% Nitrogen reduction
  • Future annual savings at over 100.000€

Dive into the details of the case and how LiqTech’s dairy wastewater treatment made a difference.

See our COD Reduction Case

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LiqTech Dairy Wastewater Filtration Is Suitable for...

  1. COD Reduction In Dairy


  2. COD Reduction In Butchery


  3. COD Reduction In Food And Beverage Industry

    Food & beverage in general

Optimize Your Water Management by Water Recycling

With the correct dairy wastewater treatment, you can filtrate your wastewater to such an extent that it can be recycled and used for other purposes.

The innovative dairy wastewater treatment solution from LiqTech is designed to help the dairy industry lower your discharge fee, among others, by COD reduction or filtering the wastewater to such an extent that the water can be recycled. Because of the lack of dosing chemicals, the LiqTech filtrated wastewater can also be safely reclaimed or reused for other purposes within the business, saving money and addressing high water demands.

Once you manage your wastewater most efficiently, you can significantly reduce your costs due to lowered water consumption and waste processing costs. Simultaneously, you reduce your discharge fee due to discharging cleaner water to the municipal treatment facilities.

Dairy wastewater filtration allows you to operate more sustainably. COD reduction positively affects the environment by reducing the amount of contamination that enters our water supplies. Furthermore, dairy wastewater treatment with no chemical consumption and reuse of filtered water in times of water scarcity benefits the environment.

With a LiqTech dairy wastewater treatment system, we can guarantee continuous access to high water quality to maintain profitability and ensure environmental compliance with COD discharge limits and regulations.

The Technology Behind the Dairy Membrane Filtration

Our revolutionary silicon carbide ceramic membranes provide you with a reliable and hygienic dairy membrane filtration system for COD reduction.

Our dairy membrane filtration solution for the dairy industry utilizes our patented state-of-the-art silicon carbide (SiC) ceramic membranes, ensuring effective and consistent retention of oils/fat, COD, nitrogen, and phosphor. SiC membranes provide stable operation and low fouling and are excellent at separating proteins. Our ceramic membranes are very robust and have a long lifetime. Learn more about our ceramic membranes.

LiqTech’s silicon carbide ceramic membrane is hygienic and ideal for dairy membrane filtration because the crossflow leads to the excellent handling of fat and oils.

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