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Machined Plastic Parts

High-quality plastic machining of your ideas.

Plastic is increasingly replacing traditional materials, such as stainless steel, aluminum, etc. to improve operation and reduce costs. Especially in large industries such as cleantech and the food industry, etc.

LiqTech Plastics specializes in processing high-quality CNC machined plastic components.

With more than 60+ years of experience in the plastics industry, plastic machining is carried out on modern production equipment with great professionalism from our employees. At LiqTech Plastics, we have CNC machines, machining centers, lathes, and much more to solve all jobs - from very small to large jobs to more complicated.

We are up for a challenge!

We have a strong focus on dialogue with our customers about what is possible. Good and credible service is a big part of our DNA. This also helps to ensure the perfect product for you, with guaranteed consistently high quality at competitive prices.

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End to End Service – Custom Machined Plastic Parts

From understanding your application to finish plastic product.

LiqTech Plastics is a plastics advisory company that wants to ensure the best possible product for you and your business. All industries have different requirements for material and product - therefore we thoroughly analyze the specific needs of the different industries. We have a strong focus on developing and processing machined plastic parts perfect for your application.

Our experts are ready to assist you with your specific project, where we would like to act as consultants throughout the entire process, from CAD design to proposals for materials and dimensions.

Why LiqTech Plastics

  • No job is too small, too large, or too complicated
  • High quality CNC machined plastic components
  • Modern production equipment
  • Flexible supplier
  • Innovative supplier
  • High focus on customer needs
  • Sounding board for your solution
  • Credible service
  • End to end service
  • Modern technical CAD design
  • Advise on materials and dimensions
  • Cost out - guidance for you for best price & solution

Machined plastic in all materials

  • Semi-crystalline plastics (technical plastics)
  • Amorphous plastics (transparent)

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