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Flexible & Great Cooperation Paved the Road for Stjerne-Chrom’s New Galvanic Plant

When the Danish surface treatment company Stjerne-Chrom needed a new advanced oxidation plant, which could withstand the customer demands regarding a new and more modern way of treating surfaces, it only felt natural for the company to contact the machinery manufacturer Wila. But the successful project would never have turned into a reality if not for the close collaboration with the subcontractor LiqTech Plastics.

It is not the first time Wila had to solve complex, custom-made tasks, where the company had to involve the right partners to obtain a successful result. Here, LiqTech Plastics was a natural choice, as Wila and LiqTech Plastics already have a close collaboration involving both large projects as well as minor day-to-day tasks.  


Stjerne-Chrom delivers surface treatments to small and medium-sized enterprises with specific demands. 


One of the treatment methods is a more modern line, capable of making stainless steel black – a technique that no other company in Denmark offers, which experiences such a great demand that the employees have difficulties coping with it. Therefore, Stjerne-Chrome needed an advanced, custom-made oxidation plant, which demanded that many different competencies be involved. 


Solid Cooperation Ensured Successful Results

For Wila, close collaboration with customers and suppliers is imperative when initiating a new project. Both Knud Lykkegaard, Project Manager at Wila, and Kenneth Nielsen, Owner of Stjerne-Chrom, do not doubt that the great collaboration is the main reason for the successful result. 


”For me, it is crucial to combine my many years of experience with people I like to work with to incorporate the essential competencies into a project, which the customer is satisfied with,” states Knud Lykkegaard.


This is supported by LiqTech Plastics, which was responsible for the project’s plastic machining and welding. 


“We have a close collaboration with Wila involving both large projects like this as well as minor day-to-day projects. We always have a candid dialogue as we have a common goal of delivering customer satisfaction and a high-quality job. The more we can improve Wila’s competitiveness, the more orders we get. Therefore, collaboration and trust are so essential,” says Kent Mathiesen, Sales Manager at LiqTech Plastics.


It took less than four months to produce the plant, and in December 2020, Wila could deliver the complete plant to Stjerne-Chrom. Stjerne-Chrom must have a completed plant, enabling the company to accommodate its customers’ demands. 


”This means that we can utilize our working hours most efficiently and produce more than we have previously done,” says Kenneth Nielsen.

Plastic Solutions

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