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SiC ceramic membrane disc based on 20 years of experience

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Liqtech Ceramic Disc

High Performance Ceramic SiC Discs

The high flux silicon carbide ceramic membrane disc from LiqTech is designed for removal of high suspended solids.

LiqTech is one of the leading manufacturers of SiC ceramic membrane products and has long-term experience in dynamic crossflow filtration. The ceramic disc is based on silicon carbide (SiC) membrane technology and is designed for the removal of suspended solids as well as oil droplets and/or process water in wastewater applications.

Our dynamic, high-flux membrane discs filtration path direction is outside-in, with internal permeation channels that facilitate the removal of the solids. A crossflow effect is generated through the rotation of the discs at high velocities that enables flow cleaning of the filter membrane surface. This principle offers energy savings that can exceed 80% compared to conventional crossflow.

LiqTech ceramic disc has superior properties:

  • Highest flux for any membrane material on the market
  • Chemically inert (pH 0-14)
  • Thermally resistant up to 800°C
  • Extremely durable and hard material
  • Lowest fouling tendency for any ceramic and polymeric membrane
  • Hydrophilic material (water-loving)
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Superior Ceramic Disc

Features & Benefits

  • Microfiltration & ultrafiltration
  • Outside-to-inside filtration
  • Unmatched flux
  • Long service life
  • High level of solid content usage

Application areas

  • Manure and digester effluent
  • Landfill leachate
  • Galvanic wastewater
  • Water and PEG recovery in semiconductor industry
  • Oil sludge
  • Algae concentration
  • Others

Product specifications

Ceramic Disc 1
Outer diameter (OD) 152 mm
Inner diameter (ID) 25 mm
Thickness 4 - 10 mm
Pore sizes 1 µm / 0.2 µm
Ceramic Disc 2
Outer diameter (OD) 374 mm
Inner diameter (ID) 91 mm
Thickness 4 - 10 mm
Pore sizes 1 µm / 0.2 µm
Ceramic Disc 3
Outer diameter (OD) 374 mm
Inner diameter (ID) 131 mm
Thickness 4 - 10 mm
Pore sizes 1 µm / 0.2 µm

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